Summary of the poem Tears of Nature

Here is the summary of the poem Tears of Nature. This is a short summary of the poem. The poem tears of Nature by Graeme King is a beautiful poem based on the worries of nature for What man is doing to it.

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Summary of the Poem Tears of Nature

The poet begins the poem by telling others that he has heard the cries of Nature. The most interesting thing in the very first verse is that the poet has used 'Mother Nature'. It is for the reason that in ancient mythologies Nature is referred to as a mother. It is a mother in the sense that it gives favorable conditions for living and fosters our growth. The poet says that Nature has cried as a tree fell victim to human activity. 

Here, he pointed toward the rapid rate of deforestation for different purposes. He says that most of the people think that humans learn over time. However, the poet challenges this nation when he sees them harming Nature. Moreover, he says that a hole is being created in the upper layers of the atmosphere; and many people still do not believe this fact. Just because they do not believe something they have not seen they deny this issue. He says that I also hear the cries of Nature when ozone depletes. What is causing this depletion is the excessive use of fossil fuels in industries. Humans are rapidly using fossil fuels despite the availability of solar power for energy purposes. He says that I am still amazed at the view that humans learn with the passage of time because their foolish actions are disproving it. 

The poet questions the notion of scientific progress as well: he says that although we have developed rocket ships, we have not still figured out any way to remedy sea pollution. The negative use of diplomacy among states has put covers on the extinction of many species. Their extinction is given attention in news, but states do nothing for it. He claims that we are not learning to protect Nature. The poet says that something is needed to be done at the individual level. 

Everyone who is being benefitted by Nature must think as to how he can preserve Nature and its constituents. In the end, he says that I am also thinking of the ways that I can adopt for contributing to the conservation of Nature.

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