Summary of Poem The Kingfisher

The very short summary of the poem The Kingsfisher is given here. This summary of the poem is in English and the Introduction to the poem is also given. I have given a critical summary of the poem The Kingfisher written by William Henry Davies.

Introduction to the Poem

W.H Davies was a renowned poet who wrote many poems. This poem is also written by him. The poem is actually an appreciation of the natural beauty. Particularly, it admires the beauty of kingfisher. It seems that the beautiful appearance of the bird is a gift of Nature conferred upon it. The poet not only expresses his love for the bird but also describes minute details of the places where it lives.

The most interesting thing is that the poet converses with the bird as if it is listening to his words and replying to him. He praises it and guides it to the lovely places. The poet also admires the life of the bird. He pours out his heartily wish of living like it. To him the life of the bird is ideal. The poem shows the interest of the poet in natural objects. With respect to structure, it is made up of eighteen verses.

Summary of the Poem

In this poem, the poet adores the beauty of kingfisher by putting his pure emotions in words. The poet is admiring its beauty as the bird is his beloved. He is in a mood of no hesitation. With pure emotions, the poet speaks to the bird. He says that you are given birth by the rainbow. 

As rainbow contains multiple colors, the feathers and outer body of a kingfisher also look like the pattern of the rainbow. Here, the poet also expresses his inner sadness and dejection. He tells the kingfisher that unlike you I am destined to be at lonely places like under the shade of the weeping trees. It is to show the contradiction between the beautiful life of the bird and the gloomy life of the poet. The poet recommends the kingfisher to go into greenery and in the company of peacocks. 

He says that it should go to the gardens owned by kings. The poet sees purpose and peace in the existence of kingfisher. In the end, the poet counts on one similarity between himself and the bird: he also likes silent, green places but to share his grief with Nature.

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