Message of the poem when I am an old lady

Here are different lessons that we learn from the poem when I am an old lady. These are important lessons and message of the poem. The poetess has seemed to fascinated by the old life and recalls her old age.

Lessons from the Poem when I am an old lady

1. The theme of the poem when I am an old lady
2. Summary of the poem when I am an old lady

1. Love your parents as they loved you

The foremost lesson of this poem is to love your parents. Parents spend an enormous amount of their mental, emotional and physical to make you what you are. Every person is this world owes to his parents for his success and achievements. Had they neglected you in childhood, you would not be able to reach such far. If you are achieving success, share it with them. It will not only make them happy but also make them feel your success as theirs.

2. Treat them with kindness

Parents do not panic at the stupidity of their children. Instead of punishing them for irritating activities, parents usually treat them with kindness, generosity, and compassion. This indebts the children to behave with them in the same way in their old age. It is seen that children usually do not give attention to their parents when they get old; this is the greatest form of disloyalty. Therefore, the second important lesson of the poem is to be kind to your parents.

3. Be a source of joy for them

In their childhood, parents try to bring all kinds of joys to the children. In this way, it is also incumbent on the children the pay back the same amount of joy to them. In their old age, children start neglecting their parents. Considering themselves, the sole decision-makers of their lives, they pay less attention to the golden pieces of advice from their parents. Bringing joy to the parents equates to be thankful to them for providing you all the comfort of life.

4. Learn from your parents

Another significant lesson, which we get from this poem, is learning from the experiences of the parents. Parents, while raising and treating their children, do not get disappointed and angry. At times a child does really unbearable things. But parents do not punish him for that. They rather try to deal with them in a lovingly way. What you can learn from your parents is how to resolve the matters calmly and effectively.

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