Message of poem the road not taken

The lessons and the message of the poem The road not taken is given below.

Message from the Poem the road Not taken

The poem the road not taken gives us the following messages:

1. Think Before Making a Choice

The foremost lesson of this poem is to be careful while making choices. An English proverb says haste makes waste. It means that quickly made decisions mostly have negative results. Therefore, you ought to think a hundred times if you are in any decisive phase of your life. It is the sign of a sensible person to do calculations before investing his efforts, money, emotion or even passion. Never ignore the results of any motion unless you have the braveness of going through them.

2. Choose What You Want

The importance of subjective factors in our picks is also shown in this poem. Like the poet, we have to be aware of the voice of our hearts. Most people in our world choose the path which everyone else chooses because they do not have the ability to listen to their hearts. Instead, they listen to their minds as it makes a decision according to logic. But that is not the case. The path which one person sees as the right might be the wrong one according to the other person's perception. So choose the path that satisfies you. But if you still think that path is wrong then make it right.

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3. Make the Rightful Choice

God has not only given us freedom. He has also endowed us with conscience and reasoning. Our decisions must be based on reason and carry a justification. As we see in the poem, the poet justifies his actions. He traveled on a route that was much less traveled by using. It additionally gives us the message that we must not follow the crowd but truth. And truth, most of the time, lies with few people. The poet did not travel the path that he thought most of the people were traveling.

4. Be Responsible for Your Decisions

French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre says, "Freedom comes with responsibility." This is also a great lesson from the lesson. Since we are free to make choices, we should learn how to be responsible for our actions. Instead of regretting our decisions, we must invest our efforts to better our future. Our authentic self can only be revealed by doing what is right and taking responsibility for its consequences. It is also a sign of courage, as Shakespeare says,
Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once
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