Message of the poem be the best of whatever you are

Here is the message of the poem be the best of whatever you are. You can see the lessons we learn from the poem. The poem has been written by Douglas Malloch. The poet has tried to convey to us the following messages through the poem.

Lessons from the Poem be the best of whatever you are

The poem gives us the following messages:

1. Try to excel and be proud of you

The main lesson of the poem is achieving excellence in any domain of life. The poet, in the whole poem, emphasizes the importance of selecting a field and achieving excellence in it. By giving a glance of the multiplicity of possibilities of life, he has advised the readers to not be disappointed if you ever fail in life, it has yet to offer you more.

2. Never be fed up with life

The poem begins and ends with hope. Some people get fed up with life after failing to achieve their desired goals. This poem is motivating for such kind of people. As the poem introduces us to the multiplicity of possibilities in life, it gives a clear message that disappointment is useless. If you have failed to achieve something, do not let the failure kill you. Kill the failure by achieving anything else.

3. Your value is not determined by size but excellence

Another important lesson in the poem is that your excellence determines your worth. In the poem, 'tree' is compared to a 'bit of brass', 'pine to a 'scrub', 'highway' to a 'trail'. These objects are different in magnitude. Yet, the poet has put them together. He intends to emphasize excellence. The title of the poem is itself sufficient to convey this lesson. Moreover, he says that it is not the size that do bring us successes or failures.

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4. Everybody of us is equally important

Nobody is born in this world without a purpose. In this way, everybody of us is equally important. We might be serving different purposes but we are beneficial to each other in many ways. By giving the example of 'captain' and 'crew', the poet has delivered this message of importance. In a sailing ship, both 'captain' and 'crew' are important. The ship cannot sail unless they make it sail mutually.

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