Lesson of the poem The Kingfisher

The lesson of the poem the Kingfisher by WH Davies is given here in this post. The poem has many lessons and messages for us. I have given here all the lessons and messages of the poem The Kingfisher by William Henry Davies.

Lessons from the Poem The Kingfisher

The Poem The Kingfisher gives us the following messages.

1. We should have a purpose

A life with no cause and goal is not life at all. Having a great cause in life is necessary.
And as shown in this poem, Nature has not created anybody uselessly. One has to figure out his abilities and invest them for the well-being of himself and others. The kingfisher is also shown purposeful, as it has to please others with its matchless beauty.

2. We should spiritually connect to Nature

Unfortunately, the technological advancements of the modern age have drawn us away from Nature. It is for this reason that we do not find relief from our pains and miseries. We do not connect to Nature for relieving our stress. However, in the poem, the poet tries to share his grief with a bird. The beauty of kingfisher makes the poet escape from the gloominess of his own life.

3. We should appreciate the beauty

The admiration of beautiful things is important. One must be aesthetic enough to say words of appreciation when one sees any item of beauty around. The poet leaves this lesson for us. That is why it is said:
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Therefore, our appreciation of beauty is an appreciation of ourselves. In the poem, the poet also appreciates the beauty of the kingfisher inasmuch as he can. 

4. We should be pensive

Joys are sorrows are the integrals of human life. No man can feel the joy of happiness without realizing the pain of sorrows. Both are well-connected to each other and are inevitable in human life. Another important lesson we seek from this poem is pensiveness. Human life is full of ups and downs. And they do make us sad too. However, our sadness is supposed to polish our abilities. By these abilities, we can eliminate our sadness and become happy.

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