jobs and careers in computer science field

List of careers in computer science an introduction computer is an electronic machine. It works like a human brain. At it was established to calculate letter on there were added many functions in it.

The Scope of Computer Science

jobs and careers in computers science in the world

Importance of computer in the modern age is has become very important now it is because it is very much accurate fast and can accomplish many tasks easily. Otherwise to complete this task manually much more time is required. It can do very big calculation in just a fraction of a second, moreover it can store huge amount of data in it.

The computer is an essential part of every field of life. It is being used in all the institution these days. It is used in schools, office s, hospitals, factories, banks or even in shops to keep the record. It has made human work very easy. In fact, it has reduced human labor. It has made all the impossible tasks possible.

Careers in Computer Science

The importance of the computer in the life of every student is undeniable. The student from the very basic class begins to learn the computer. But that is only just for learning. Later on after doing their Matric F A, B A the student can get proper education in computer. In the following, we will discuss the branches of the computer . After having a degree in these branches they will be able to get a good this way they will not just I'm the livelihood rather they will get the mental satisfaction and will lead a hustle-free professional life.

Jobs and Options for computers science students

There are countless careers which a student can adopt after doing his degree in computer science.
Teaching is a suitable profession for a student of computer science.

1. Teaching

The student of computer science can go in the profession of teaching. No order computer is being taught in every school. The book of the computer is included in the syllabus of every class. Different School begins to teach computer even from one class. At this point, the need for a computer teacher is felt. 

If a person has acquired his master's degree in computer then surely he will be able to teach computers effectively. Otherwise, both the student and the teacher will remain confused. so in this way, computer proficient can join this profession.

2. Banking

Banking is the second branch that a person can join after completing his degree in computer. It has often been noticed that all the work of a bank is on a computer. It is used in every bank for money transformation keeping records and having the detail of the day work. 

Sofa joining this field the student should complete his degree of BCom BBA MBA especially he must be proficient in computers. Then he will be able to do his work satisfactory.

3. Software Development

This is another and important branch of a career in computer science. 9 it is in the use of every person. Softwares are using in all the field of life. Software developer earns a very huge amount of money by this profession. if we study the life history of the richest people of the word usually come to know that they earn money by the profession of software. 

They are experts in making and developing the software. Bill Gates is the richest person of the world he was a software developer by his profession. So if we want to lead a happy and successful life we should join this profession after completing the degree in computer science.

4. Database Administration

The database administrator is also and another branch of computer science. the people who want to join this profession they should be an expert in computer especially in typing, drafting and managing the given data in useful information. 

This profession will not just revolve around the money rather they will be able to lead a successful professional life.

5. Web development

Web developing is another choice for computer specialists. After doing the degree of computer science the student can join this field. 

In this field, they are to play a responsible role for designing, coding and modifying websites from layout to function and according to the client specification. This is also a very highly rewarding profession.

6. Computer Hardware Engineering

Computer hardware engineer is also an opportunity for the students all degree holders of computer science to full stop the students after completing their education May join a factory or a firm where computer hardware is made. They can be proved as a perfect designer or architecture. In this way, they can earn good money.

7. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is now emerging as a separate industry. The computer specialist can also prove their worth in this field. 

Fashion designers first prepare their design on the computer then it is printed on clothes. They also can learn many more designs on the internet for laptops in this way, they can earn a lot of money in this field.

8. Information and Security analyst

Information a security analyst is also and other option for the computer specialist. Computer experts may also get a job as an information security analyst. Now a day the work of security is increasing very rapidly. For this purpose, people are using CCTV cameras. 

We have noticed it that secret cameras are using everywhere. No shop school college and market are without cameras. Therefore it is a dire need of computer specialists to set up the cameras and to check their results.

9. Information Technology

Nowadays scientific research is at its peak full stop the expert scientist are trying to discover many more things fall stop for this purpose they are in need of Internet and computer for desktop computer specialists can also prove they are work here. They can provide the scientist with the latest information about their projects.

10. Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accountancy is also a field and choice for computer specialists. they can join this field after getting an education in computers. 

The cancer of the country and the nation as accountant officers full stop a large number of people are serving the people as accountant manager. This is also a very rewarding profession in terms of both respect and money.


Tenure in this modern age the importance of computers in our life as sole for our body. Nothing can be done without the help of a computer. but unfortunately, some people are using this device for negative purpose full stop by doing so they become the cause of this honour for themselves for their society and for country Photoshop. 

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