Why should and should not Choose FSc in Pakistan

FA and FSc are the two intermediate programs offered to Pakistani students in both government and private colleges. Each has its own domain of study and subjects. Immediately after completing the matriculation degree, students often find it difficult to choose one of these two. This dilemma usually exists because of the educational trends and misconceptions in society. Moreover, lack of career counseling also creates a problem of choice at this decisive stage of education. 

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What is FSc?

Like FA, it is also a two-year intermediate degree usually comprised of science subjects e.g physics, chemistry, biology. In addition to these purely scientific subjects, math is also included to broaden the analytical understanding of students. Most of the subjects in an FSc degree are of natural sciences. Natural sciences are the disciplines that study natural objects and phenomena through scientific methods of experience and observation.

Features of Study in FSc

1. Conceptual Study

In FSc, students are supposed to study things conceptually. In this respect, the clarity of fundamental concepts of any pure science is very necessary for learning it furthermore or starting any research activity. It is for the reason that science is an evolutionary form of knowledge, it improves over time. Therefore, students must have know-how about the previous conceptual development in a particular domain of science. 

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2. Objective Study

 All the fields of science are based on the scientific method of observation and experiment. In simple words, the study is objective. A scientist, to the possible extent, prevents his personal likes and dislikes from entering his research. Hence, scientific study is based on a neutral understanding of things. The student who wishes to pursue FSc must bear it in mind that he would excel in this field if he knows how to analyze things neutrally. 

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3. A Quite Hectic Study

In developing countries like Pakistan, where the education system is not highly effective, the workload of studies on science students is more than the students of arts. If you have a plan to go for FSc, be mentally prepared that you will have to give a little bit more time to your studies. FSc students are, therefore, seen to have little time for rest and social activities. Remember, this is not to frighten you but to inform you truthfully about it.

Who Should Choose FSc?

As said earlier, FSc is basically a scientific discipline. Therefore, your interest in learning science is much needed if you wish to be enrolled in it. Without having your interest, you will most likely perform not well in this degree.
  • If you have the habit of experimenting and observing things, FSc is really a nice option for you. Besides this, having little know-how about science, its developments and methods would also help you a lot in this field.
  • If you think you will be able to manage the workload of studies and will not get distressed, FSc is the gateway to knowledge and opportunities for you.
  • FSc would really benefit you if you have any plan of studying your subjects deeply. Here, 'deeply' refers to the extra knowledge of the discipline. It means that this degree would be worth doing for you if you plan to consult the topics not only from textbooks but from other books as well. Hence, reading is very necessary.
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Who Should Not Choose FSc?

You are not advised to choose FSc if you are selecting it under the pressure of parents, relatives or peers and have no interest in it. Carefully think before making any decision. Do not bother to listen to what peers and relatives say. If your parents are forcing you in it, try to convince them that you have no interest in it.
  • If you have any problems with your basic concepts about it, try to clarify them. If you are not able to do this, do not choose FSc.
  • If you think you will not be able to manage the heavy workload of studies, do not choose it.
  • If you think you will not be able to pursue science at the graduate and postgraduate level, you are advised to not choose it.
  • FSc students usually have to join an academy for gaining good marks. If you think you will not do it without academy and even do not afford the academy, do not choose FSc. 
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