The Most common mistakes that students do in Board Exams

The students make many mistakes in their board exams. There are certain rules that you have to follow in order to get good marks. If you are a student of 9th class or 10th class, you might be doing the same mistakes as others are doing in thier board exams. I have given here the list of mistakes the students do in their board paper.

This list might be serving as tips to write your board paper and maybe the best practices list to attempt board exams. These blunders are committed mainly in English paper but the list includes overall mistakes that students do in their board paper. The paper presentation tips for 9th class, 10th class, 1st year and 2nd year will be shared soon.

Paper Presentation Tips for Board Exams

paper presentation best practices and rules

The list might serve as a paper presentation tips too. But the focus is on the mistakes the students do in exams and the things they should remember while taking the board exams. The board paper writing rules are a separate thing but the things that can get you good marks are the following.

7 Mistakes the students do in their board exams

Papers are of great importance in academic life of every student. Every student has to pass through the papers to be promoted in next class. If a student does well in the papers, surely he will be rewarded with good grades. But unfortunately many students fail because of the mistakes done by them in papers.

Here we will talk about some basic mistakes that are done by the 9th class students in English paper

1. Not knowing the paper pattern

Many students are unaware of paper pattern. Therefore when they are in examination hall to solve the paper, they find themselves that which question they should attempt first. In this confusion they failed to solve their paper effectively.

2. Not Preparing the topic seriously

Many students do not prepare their topics seriously. They just go through their topics once or twice and think that they have prepared well. But when they put their material on answer sheet, they make spelling mistakes. It is also a very basic mistake committed by the students.

3. Poor Paper Presentation

The students do not give importance to the paper presentation. They just write down the answers or the given questions and handover the paper to teacher. The checkers while checking these papers do not have the sense of praise. He just gives them the passing marks.

4. Writing unnecessary details

The fourth mistake is to write down unnecessary detail or the given topics. In some cases the examiner asks a short question but the student write down the whole detail about that topic. In this case the chances of mistake increase. He should just write the relevant and to the point answer of the given questions. 

For instance here is asked a question of translation. The student is to translate the paragraph into Urdu. The examiner asks three or four lines from the paragraph but the student write down the translation of the whole paragraph. It has a bad effect on his marks or grades. 

5. Fail to manage the time

The students often failed to manage the given time. The student is to solve his paper in the prescribed time. But many students failed to manage their time because the spend most of the time in the beginning questions. Later on time remains short or they have many questions to attempt. 

6. Not mentioning Question Number

Not mentioning of question number is another mistake of the students which results in the deduction of marks. In most cases the students just write down the answers of the given questions. They do not mention the part (juz number) or numbering of the questions. In this case paper checker get confused while checking the paper because it is difficult for him to know that it is the answer of which questions.

7. Cutting or Overwriting

While solving a paper sometimes the students cut their writing material or try to write it again. It shows their lack of confidence. The checker thinks that he/she may write it again after having help by someone. Therefore he does not give him good marks. It is also a serious mistake for a student.

In short I would like to conclude that if a student wants to get good marks, he should be perfect in all the aspects.

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