Simple FA and its scope in Pakistan

If you have recently completed your matriculation, you are on the verge of decision-making. In this respect, you are free to choose whatever you like but with the endorsement of its consequences. 

French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre says
Freedom comes with responsibility.
So be ready to take responsibility for your decision. Although is it up to the individual which degree program would he chooses, this article will help you in making your choice. 

Scope of FA in Pakistan

Scope of FA in Pakistan

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What is FA? or Simple FA?

It is a two-year intermediate degree. It is comprised of subjects related to two fields of study: arts and humanities. Arts particularly refer to the subjects dealing with creativity e.g literature. 

Humanities are the subjects dealing with the study of the aspects of human society and culture. Many social sciences like economics are also a part of the FA degree in many colleges. See best subjects combinations for FA.

In Pakistani colleges, different course combinations are offered to students for pursuing the FA degree.

Features of Study in FA

1. Opinionative Study

Contrary to FSc, in the FA degree, a student is supposed to be more opinionative. It is for this reason that all arts, literary or performative, are based on the creativity of the artist. 

Therefore, to become an artist, your creative faculty must be activated. You also ought to have a lens to view things. In the case of social sciences, which are also offered in the FA degree, both subjective and objective methods of study are involved.

2. Interactive Study

Another key characteristic of the studies is that it is interactive. In sciences, you examine things in laboratories. In social sciences, however, society is the laboratory. The ideas, study, and research are related to the real-life events of human beings. 

For example, economics study the production, distribution, and consumption of human resources. Political science studies state and its institutions. Sociology studies the whole of society in general.

3. Real-Life Study

FA gives you vast exposure to the real-life events happening. It basically analyzes the things from a human-centric perspective. All its study is directed for the individual and social well-being of humans. 

In this respect, the arts stimulate our senses and imagination to feel the metaphysical aspects of our lives. And social sciences examine the society putting us in the center of it and draw instructive conclusions.

Who Should Choose FA?

  • If you are a creative person and interested in literature, drama or fine arts, FA is the possible the best option for you. It will be your first step to excellence.
  • If you are interested in knowing how society works and the human role in forming and regulating, FA offers you many subjects, in which you can study any specific aspect of society.
  • If you wish to play a direct and productive role in social or political affairs, FA is suitable for you because it will give you many opportunities to polish your skills.
  • In a particular case, if you do not wish to discontinue your studies after intermediate for finding a job to support yourself, FA is the most appropriate option for you. (We advise you to never discontinue your studies unless it is impossible)

Who Should Not Choose FA?

  • If you have no interest in arts and humanities, we advise you to not join FA.
  • If you have studied science at the matriculation level, first try to check the subjects of FA. Do not choose FA if they do not appeal to you.
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