15 things to improve memory power of students

These articles will lead you towards 15 brain exercises that will help you achieve more mental capabilities. The article is about how to increase your memory power while taking these simple 15 brain-activating exercises. It will activate your brain's full potential for studying. To improve your memory and concentration, these exercises are really helpful.

15 exercises to momery and concentration of students

15 Exercises That Improve your memory and concentration 

The success of an individual is usually determined by his mental performance. Most of the successful people are said to have sharpness and effectiveness in terms of mental abilities. The way your mind works play an important role in guiding your actions. It is for this reason that everyone ought to enhance his/her mental performance. Since it allows you to decide your goals and the possible strategies to achieve them.

Abraham Lincoln says,
Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Mental abilities are like that axe; if they are stimulated, you can easily succeed.
If you are worried as to how to stimulate your mental performance, this article will help you with many suggestions.  

15 ways to stimulate your brain for studying

1. Do Everything Timely

Punctuality is the quality of almost all successful people. Doing everything at its appropriate time is beneficial in two ways. One is that it does not bother you later. The second is that you will get relief and free-time after performing every task on its time. 

People who do not follow time are more likely to suffer from psychological stress. That is how their mental performance is affected. If you are punctual, you will be saved from all mental illnesses which have a direct negative impact on your mental performance.

2. Feel the Joy of Nature

If you ever feel down or think that your mind is not working, try to connect to nature. Natural scenarios have the power to cure our psychological pains. It also miraculously raises our level of spirituality. 

Besides that, it freshens your mind, resets it, and enhances its powers. You can do this exercise by planning a tour on to a lake, stream, or mountain. Or even you can take its benefit by visiting your nearby lawn or garden. This is one of the most effective ways of stimulating your mental performance.

3. Be an Optimist

It is said that hope is the last thing that dies. A hopeful person remains full of vigor through his good and bad experiences. Hope is, therefore, key to happiness. Students usually worry about exams or grades. Sometimes such worries become a cause of his low mental performance. 

See thi list of motivational movies for students. You can watch some of these.

Since a healthy mind works well, a mind chained with hopelessness and sadness can be highly disappointing in terms of mental abilities and performance.

4. Develop the Habit of Reading

Reading is very important for the effective working of your mind. It is the gateway to knowing and understanding. Reading expands your perspective of the world. In this regard, both fiction and non-fiction are recommended for you. 

In fiction, you can search for novels, short stories or poetry of your interest. While in non-fiction you can look for biographies, comics, magazines or self-development books. Start your reading journey from Oscar Wilde's short story The Happy Prince and James Allen's book As a Man Thinketh.

5. Raise Questions About Things

Our minds are locked; only questions have the power to unlock them. Questioning is a sign of an active mind. Feel free to raise questions about things. It will help you in two ways: to find answers for yourself and allow others to think. 

It is very appropriate to say that thinking begins with questioning. Albert Einstein says, "The important thing is not to stop questioning." It is, therefore, recommended to raise as many questions as you can.

6. Engage in Discussions

Man is known by what he speaks. Another way to boost your mental performance is to engage in discussions, with your parents, friends, teachers or anybody else. Discussions allow you to present your ideas in front of others and give you chances of thinking even better.

Moreover, listening to someone else's thoughts most likely vanishes your own misconceptions about things. It also stimulates your mind to renew its faculty of thinking. That is why by engaging in discussions you can accelerate your mind working.

7. Be a Part of Social Activism

Becoming a part of social activism brings you new challenges of life. This would act as a stimulus to tackle the problems of life on the personal and social level. Try to join any volunteer group or organization working in your area. 

Your involvement in the tasks of social welfare makes you aware of the crises society is facing. Later on, it will trigger you to find ways to resolve them. In this way, you will have enough understanding of social problems and their solutions. This will really help you in your career.

8. Analyze Things and Events

You can also boost your mental performance by having opinions about daily-life things and events. It can happen if you carefully analyze the causes and effects of the things happening around you. For example, if you see poverty in society, try to search as to why it exists and how it can be reduced. 

Another example is thinking about how natural beauty provides us joy. It will allow you to develop your own viewpoints about things and events. Having a well-balanced opinion is a sign of an intelligent man. Therefore, try to think about things deeply.

9. Learn a Language

Our language is significantly affective on our mental performance. Language, to an extent, determines the way we think about things. Many cases suggest that people having knowledge of more than one language are more likely to be competent and credible. 

That's why if you wish to stimulate the working of your mind, try to learn a foreign language. It is highly recommended for Pakistani students to practice reading, writing and speaking English. This is, however, not meant to disregard your regional languages.

10. Learn a Word Every Day

Learning a word every day enhances your mental performance, particularly your memory. Besides building your vocabulary, it also has a direct relation with your mind. Having a larger vocabulary allows you to be more expressive than usual. 

You are, therefore, advised to learn a word every day. For doing so, you can either refer to a handy dictionary or an online dictionary. Merriam-Webster and Dictionary.com are the two dictionaries that send you a new word every day with its meaning and usage. You can refer to them for practicing this exercise.

11. Practice Writing

Writing is the most effective way of expressing yourself in many respects. Relating with your mental performance, it is the practice of arranging your thoughts in a way that you can put them into words. Many students have complained that they want to write but cannot do it. 

It is mostly due to the fear of writing incorrectly. However, keep it in your mind that we learn from our mistakes. For this exercise, select a teacher, whom you think is supportive. Just start writing and get your work checked by him/her. By continuing this, one day you will become a professional writer.

12. Play Mind Games

Many games joyfully sharpen your mind. Such games are known as mind games. Your victory in these games is fully dependent on your mental performance. If you wish to play such games physically with your friends and siblings, try to play 'cards' and 'chess'. 

In addition to this, there are also many online games available that are intended to improve your mental performance. 

Websites like www.mindgames.com give free access to countless online mind games.

13. Attempt IQ Tests

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a modern method for testing your mental abilities and deducing somewhat accurate results. 

Different IQ tests involve different types of questions which you are supposed to answer. In the end, your results are shown. You can also prepare before attempting these tests. Most of the tests are now conducted online. You can also increase your mental performance by attempting these tests. 

Websites like www.123test.com/iq-test/ and www.test-guide.com/iq/free-iq-tests/free-iq-test.html are famous websites for IQ tests.

14. Participate in Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are a vital part of an education system. Pakistani students are fortunate in the regard that almost all institutes arrange co-curricular activities for their students; the government also initiates such projects for the well-being of students. 

It is up to the students to participate in them or not. These activities include gaming, sporting, speaking, debating, essay-writing, and many more. 

Such activities help you in two ways: you get relief from the hectic academic routine and employ your creative abilities and these certifications and awards become your asset in your career. Moreover, they stimulate your mind and raise your confidence.

15. Assess Yourself

Everyone has both good and bad elements in himself. A successful person is always the one who removes the bad elements and brings up the good ones. If you want to boost your mental performance, spare some time thinking about yourself. 

You can do it carefully analyzing your actions, views, and intentions. Keep a check on yourself. In this way, you come to know about the bad and good qualities of yours. 

Later on, it will be easier for you to be a better person. It will also increase your level of maturity which is directly proportional to your mental performance. Since your level of maturity is the reflection of how your mind works.

Try these exercises; don't forget to drop your feedback.

Author: Syed Afaq Ali

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