The scholarship jacket questions answers

The scholarship jacket is a nice lesson written by Marta Salinas, a famous American writer. The authoress has explained the politics in educational systems and the way they exploit this system. Scholarship jacket has these questions and answers for the students to learn and attempt in the paper. This lesson is part of English course in many countries on various levels and grades. In Pakistan, it is included in English syllabus of class 11 in kpk boarkd and Federal Board (FBISE)

The Scholarship Jacket questions answers

 Here are the questions answers of the lesson Scholarship jacket.

Exercise Questions

Q.1. What tradition was followed by the small texas school which Marta Salinas attended?
Ans: The school followed a tradition of awarding a beautiful gold and green jacket to those students who had maintained the highest grades for eight years. This was done every year during the eight grade graduation. The Scholarship jacket has school colours with winners name written in gold on the pocket. (50 words)

Q.2. Why did Marta expect that she would win the scholarship jacket that year?
Ans: Marta expected to win the scholarship jacket as she had been an excellent performer since the first grade. She had a straight A+ average since the first grade. By rules, she deserved that jacket. So, she was expecting it next year at eight grade graduation. (45 words)

Q.3. Why couldn't Marta take part in sports at school?
Ans: Marta belonged to a poor family. Her father was a farm labourer. There were a registration fee, uniform costs and trips out of town for sports. Marta could not afford these things. She could not buy even a sports jacket. That is why she could not take part in sports. (50 words)

Q.4. Who was angrily arguing when Marta reached her classroom to pick her shorts? And what were they arguing about?
Ans: Mr. Schmidt, the history teacher of Marta, was arguing angrily with Mr. Boone, Marta's math teacher. They were arguing about the changes in the policy regarding the scholarship jacket. Mr. Schmidt was not ready to give the scholarship jacket to others just because Martha could not pay 15 dollars. (49 words)

Q.5. Who refused to lie and falsify Marta's academic records and why?
Ans: Marta's history teacher, Mr. Schmidt refused to lie and falsify her academic records. He did so because he was an honest and just man. He could not see the exploitation of any student on the basis of money. He believed that Marta was the only deserver of the scholarship jacket. (50 words)

Q.6. What was the change in policy regarding the award of a scholarship jacket?
Ans: Earlier, the scholarship jacket had always been free of cost. It was awarded to the winning students without charging a penny. Now this year, the board decided to charge fifteen dollars from the winner. And if he did not pay, the Jacket would be awarded to the next in line. (50 words)

Q.7. What did her grandfather say when Marta told him about the payment to be made for the jacket?
Ans: Her grandfather asked her to tell the principal that she was not going to pay for the jacket. He told Marta that if she pays for it, it should not be called a scholarship jacket. It was not a matter of money. (42 words)

Q.8. What happened when Marta told the principal what her grandfather had said?
Ans: When Marta told the principal that she was not going to pay for the jacket, he thought for a moment. He then told Marta that they will make an exception in her case. He told Marta that he will get her jacket without a fee. (45 words)

Interpreting Questions

Q.1. What do you think of Marta as a student?
Ans: Marta was a good student. She maintained the highest grades in school for eight years. It is really a hard task. It shows that she had been a diligent, focused and hard-working student. She was obedient to his teachers. (39 words)

Q.2. What was the motive behind changing the policy that year?
Ans: The school had been awarding the scholarship jacket free every year. The board decided to charge fifteen dollars from this year onward. The change in the policy has financial grounds. That may be to eliminate the expenses of the school on the jacket, the involvement of politics in the board etc. (51 words)

Q.3. Why did Marta's grandfather not wanted to pay for the jacket?
Ans: Marta's grandfather was a poor farmer. He was a strict and wise person. He thought that paying for the jacket means purchasing it, not winning it. He believed that if it was the reward of Marta's hard work and performance, it should be given free. The rewards don't have prices. That's why he refused to pay for the jacket. (59 words)

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