Fly away questions answers unit 13 class 11

Now you can find quality content for class 11 English for kpk boards and FBISE and Federal board Pakistan. Earlier, there are single type notes shared on various websites. These notes are of poor quality and have many mistakes. The answers to the questions are irrelevant. So, I decided to write quality notes for 11 class, 1st year English for kpk board and fbise.

Fly Away important questions answers for class 11

Fly away is written by Ralph Helfer. He has described his own campaign of using flies in a shooting. Class 11 students will have to attempt questions from this unit in their board exams. So, this is very important lesson and the complete notes of this lesson are given here.

Questions answers for kpk board and fbise

Q.1. What was the Helfer asked to do?
Ans: Helfer was asked to provide trained flies for a film shooting. He was asked to bring the flies which could crawl on a dead-looking thing without fly away. He was required to bring such flies at least in 5000 numbers. (40 words)

Q.2. What plan did he develop?
Ans: He planned to visit one of his friends to arrange such a huge quantity of flies. He got larvas which could hatch into young flies till the time of the shoot. He made a plan of how he would control the flies by spraying tranquilizer. (45 words)

Q.3. What happened at the shoot?
Ans: As Helfer reached the shoot point, nobody could seem to believe that he had actually brought the trained flies in sufficient quantity. Then as the shoot was ready, Helfer opened the door and broke gas capsule and the bees became sleepy. He put them on the dead-looking thing. They were crawling. As the scene was captured, till the effect of tranquilizer vanished and the flies flew away with a single gesture of Helfer. (73 words)

Q.4. How did the director and the crew react?
Ans: The director and the crew were amazed at such a wonderful performance of Helfer. First they could not believe Helfer that he had brought the flies. They made funny remarks as they could not believe it. As the scene was shooted, they all praised Helfer. (45 words)

Interpreting questions

Q.1 Why did Helfer keep the tranquilizer hidden at the shoot?
Ans: As Helfer was a professional insect trainer, He knew that the flies could not be trusted. But he wanted to make the crew of the shoot regards him as a professional trainer who had trained the flies not to fly until he ordered. That's why he kept the tranquilizer hidden. (50 words)

Q.2. What does the way, Helfer planned and executed the effect suggest about his skills as an animal trainer?
Ans: The way Helfer planned and executed the effects suggests that he posssesses highly professional skills. He has the knowledge of behaviour of various insects. He know about varius tranguilizers and thier effects on the insects. He also know how to and where to keep certain insects. (46 words)

Q.3. Why did Helfer pretend to count out the number of flies?
Ans: Helfer pretended to count out the flies just to show his professioalism and honesty. The number could actually increase or decrease. It was to show the others that number matters little in regard of insects. Moreover, he wanted to convince the director that the number was exactly 5000. (48 words)

Q.4. How do you think that Helfer feels about his acievement?
Ans: Helfer is proud of his wonderful achievement. He feels really happy. (11 words)

Q.5. Should Helfer have revealed his secret to the diretor? Why or why not?
Ans: No, he should not have revealed his secret to any one. His all reputition and worth lies in this secret. He is acknlowledged as a trainer not a juggler. So, he must keep his secret unrevealed. (36 words)

Extending Questions

Q.1. From what Helfer tells about his work, what skills do you think an animal trainer requies?
Ans: Helfer tells about his work from his experiences. I think an animal trainer must have knowledge of animal behaviour, learning capabilities and various needs like shelter, food, medicine and look after. An animal trainer must be a sharp, clever man. (40 words)

Q.2. Do you think you would be an animal trainer like Helfer, why or why not?
Ans: No, I dont think that I would be an animal trainer like Helfer as I always fear from animals. I don't dare to come close to the insects and beasts. It needs courage and bravery to become an animal trainer which I lack. (43 words)

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