A Long walk home question answers

A long walk home is a parents-children relationship essay that tells us that we should never lie to our parents. It hurts them a lot. The parents sacrifice their time, resources and desires to bring us up and we must be loyal and sincere to them. The questions answers of the lessons are given below. Study Pak is an emerging educational website and in the next few months, it will become a popular website of Pakistan.

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A long walk home important questions answers

Here are the important short questions with answers of the lesson A long walk home by Jason Bocarro.

Exercise Questions

Q.1. Why did Jason readily agree to drive his father to Mijas?
Ans: Jason had recently learned how to drive. He hardly ever had an opportunity to drive the car. So, when his father asked him to drive him to Mijas on the condition that he takes the car to a nearby garage for service, he readily accepted it. (46 words)

Q.2. What excuse did Jason invent as an explanation for his being late?
Ans: As the car required a few hours to be serviced, Jason spent this time watching movies in a nearby theatre. He got late to pick up the car. But he told his father that the car needed some major repairs, it took a long time to be repaired and hence he got late. (50 words)

Q. 3. Why did his father say that he was angry with himself, not with Jason.
Ans: Jason's father tried to make his son realized his severe mistake that he kept his old father waiting for hours. He said that he was angry with himself for bring up a son who could not tell the truth to his father.

Q. 4. Why did Jason's father decide to walk the 18 miles back home?
Ans: Jason's father could not stand the fact that his own children lie to him. He thought that it was his own fault that he could not teach his children to speak the truth. That is why he decided to walk 18 miles to punish himself. (45 words)

Q.5. What was the most distressing and painful experience for Jason?
Ans: Jason's father was angry with him and decided to walk home. Jason had a painful experience of seeing his old father walking home 18 miles. It was distressing to see his father his father so much emotional and physical pain. (40 words)

Interpreting Questions

Q.1. Was Jason's father angry with him because he came late?
Ans: No, Jason's father was not angry with him for being late. He was actually angry that Hason lied to him. (20 words)

Q.2. What is in your opinion the way Jason's father responded to his son's lying to him?
Ans: In my opinion, Jason's father responded in a rightful way. With an ordinary response, Jason could not have learned the most important lesson of his life. It is his father's response which made Jason never lie to his father in the future. (42 words)

Q.3.Analyze Jason's relationship with his father. Was Jason a good son?
Ans: Jason had a good relationship with his father. But he was not a good son perhaps. The story gives us the impression that he took to his father to Mijas just because he would get a chance to drive the car. And then he proves himself a careless person when he visits the theatre. He also tells a lie to his father. So, he was not a good son I think.

Q.4. Describe the writer's point of view /personal nerrative. Does it suit to writer's purpose? Elaborate with reference to the texts of the story.
Ans: The writer has just picked a good narrative for the story. This is actually a practical experience that empowers the point of view of the writer. The incident of the story really suits to writer's purpose. he has clearly conveyed the message. When the writer narrates how his father suffered due to his lie, it makes us realize the importance of the truth in our relationships.

Q.5. Why was the author afraid of telling the truth?
Ans: The author's father was a strict and disciplined man. He was afraid of telling the truth as he knew his father would be angry. He knew that his father would rebuke him for being late. He did not want to prove himself careless in the eyes of his father. So, he lied to his father.

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  1. My question is
    1.Analyze son's relationship with his father? Was Jason a good son?

    2.Evaluate the character and personality of Jason's father?

  2. what point of view has been chosen by the writer?does it suits to writer purpose?demonstrate it with reference to text of lesson.

  3. My question is:
    How do you feel about this personal narrative?

  4. How do you feel about the personal narrative of the story?

  5. What is the moral lesson we get from the story?

  6. Central idea of A Long walk home

  7. central idea of long walk home

  8. why author was afraid of telling truth

  9. what pattern has been used in the story " A long walk home"?

  10. Analyze the character of the writer?

  11. Analyze the character of the writer. What is your opinion about him? Do you think his father was justified in punishing him?

  12. Why do you think the lesson was a successful one?
    What is the subject of contemption in the text?
    Plz mujhy AJ chahiye sir

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