a long walk home by jason summary

A long walk home is an interesting but moral essay by Jason Bocarro. The write has described his own experience in a good way ending it at a very strong message.

A Long walk home by Jason Borarro is included in the English syllabus of class 11 in Pakistan. It is the part of the syllabus of KPK province and of the Federal Board of Intermediate and secondary education Islamabad.

A Long Walk Home Summary

This is this lesson, the writer describes an event from his own life. He says that he was 16 years old when he went to Mijas, a remote village, 18 miles from his house, with his father. He then dropped his father there and wen to a nearby garage to get the car serviced. He promised his father to pick him up at 4:00 PM.

The writer says that he had a few hours to spare as the car was being serviced. He decided to watch movies in a nearby theatre. Meanwhile, he was so much absorbed in movies that he completely lost the track of time. He was two hours late. He quickly picked the car and hurried to where his father would be waiting. He knew that his father would be angry if he came to know that he had been watching movies. So, he told his father that the car needed major repairs which took more time.

His father had already called the garage and they had told him that Jason still had not picked up the car. So, his father became angry with his son for not telling the truth. His father sad and hurt over his son's misstatement. Meanwhile, his father told him that it was his fault to bring up a son into a liar. His father angrily decided not to ride the car and walk home.

Jason had severe regret for what he had done. He apologized again and again but his father would not listen. Jason started driving the car behind his father in slow motion requestion him again and again to get on. It was the most painful but successful lesson in Jason's life. His father walked home 18 miles. Jason never lied to his father since then.

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