1st year English poems Explanation for kpk board

1st year English poem explanation notes for kpk board in pdf can be found on Study Pak. Study Pak is the only website on the net which is offering realistic, error free and unique notes for English for class 11 of kpk board. The students must keep visiting this website for more and more notes on daily basis as all the notes cannot be composed in a single day.

1st year English Poems explanations for kpk board

Here are the explanations of all poems of kpk board class 11. According to the new pattern of the paper, there is a question where students have o explain any on of the given stanza. I have listed all the poems in the syllabus and the explained all the stanza of all poems separately.

1. September the first day of school poem explanation

2. Tears of Nature poem Explanation

3. The most beautiful flower poem Explanation

4. Be the Best of what you are explanation

5. When I am an old lady poem explanation

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