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"The way it was and is" is a beautiful essay written by Bill Cosby. The question answers of 'The way it was and is' will given you clear understanding of the lesson and the events which occure in it. The lesson is the part of English course for class 11, 1st year English for both kpk board and Federal Board, called FBISE.

The way it was and is Questions answers

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Exercise questions

Q.1. Did Bill costly react honestly when his father tried to introduce him to his kind of music?
Ans: No, he did not react honestly because, in fact, he did not like that kind of music. He just pretended to be enjoying it. He even told lie to his father to get away from that music. His smile and gestures were all artificial. (44 words)

Q.2. Is the generation gap the only factor of misunderstanding among family members.
Ans: No. It is not the only factor. There are other factors like differences of likings and dislikings, intelligence level, instincts and some environmental factors such as heat, coldness, air etc. conflict of interests and learning levels also create misunderstandings among family members. (42 words)

Q.3. Bill Cosby said that he was "falling into the great American trap" by buying a stereo for his daughter. What does he mean by it?
Ans: Bill Cosby has reached to his forties. This is the age of rational thinking. Emotions have little place in this age. He knew that buying a stereo means a loud, scattered bulging pop in the house. Pop music and stereos, in his views, is a trap for older generation people. (50 words)

Q.4. Why did Cosby pretend to like his daughter's music?
Ans: Cosby was a nice father. He did not want his children to be frustrated with unfulfilled desires. He bought her daughter a stereo and pretended to like the music. He actually wanted to please his daughter. He did not want his daughter to repent on her choice. (47 words)

Q.5. What was humorous about the way Cosby described the volume of his daughter's music?
Ans: Cosby described the volume of his daughter's music in a funny way. He said that the things that had no locomotion started moving. He told his wife that his house was on a major geological fault. Then the mentions of dancing of chairs, plates, and the swinging of chandelier all are humorous remarks. (53 words)

Interpreting Questions

Q.1. Does Bill Cosby think that the generation gap can be closed? Explain your answer.
Ans: No, He does not think that the generation gap can be closed. He believes that technology is creating new and new things every day and that's why it creates a clear difference between the old generation and the new generation. Old generation cannot adapt to quick technological changes. (48 words)

Q.2. Why is it that the old behave in their own similar ways and the young behave in their own similar ways. Give reasons.
Ans: There is a gap in socialization, expertise, opportunities, and the environment of both the old and young generations. Old behaves according to their traditions, experiences, and socialization while young behave according to innovations. Both generations have different beliefs and socialization levels. (41 words)

Q.3. Why is it that kids don't consider their parents' hip, and when the same kids become parents, they are not considered hip by their kids?
Ans: It happens because of different trends of music, art, fashions, ideas, and technology. Moreover, there is another factor of age. Teen age is usually fascinated by emotions, innovation and self-satisfaction. The old age gets wisdom. So, children try to be their own. (42 words)

Extra Questions

Q.1. What was the reaction of Cosby's father towards his music when he was young?
Ans: His father did not like the pop sound of music. He used to come, kick the door open and yelled at Cosby to turn the volume down. He turned it half down but his father asked him to turn it down further until it become very dim and his father goes away

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