Tears of Nature Questions answers

Here are pdf notes and questions answers of the poem Tears of Nature written by Graeme King. This poem is also important regarding the comprehension of the stanza question of Section A of the paper. You should see the paper pattern of English Class 11 for Federal Board to understand how the paper will come in your board exams.

Tears of Nature important Questions answers

Here are the questions answers of the poem Tears of Nature. If you have another question, you can ask me in the comments and I will answer it here on this page.

Q.1. What does this poem show about the attitude of man in general regarding nature and the environment?
Ans: This poem clearly shows the heartless and indifferent attitude of man towards nature and the environment. Man is continuously damaging the natural environment but he is not ready to take responsibility. Everyone has the thinking that he/she alone can do nothing. Others should start preserving the environment first.

Q.2. What are the headlines and what is our attitude toward them?
Ans: The headlines are about dying species. The headlines say that another species is in danger. We do not take it seriously and we use diplomacy instead. We remain silent and we try to keep others silent too on these issues.

Q.3. How does coal-fire damage the environment? What is its alternative?
Ans: Coal-fire produces poisonous smoke which pollutes our atmosphere. Coal-fire is the main source of air pollution causing various diseases. We can use solar power as an alternative to coal-fire. We can even solarize our factories and furnaces.

Q.4. Enlist some human activities which are damaging our environment?
Ans: Man is depleting the natural environment in many ways. We are cutting trees, pouring smoke in the air, draining dirty water into the seas and rivers, producing and using more and more smoke producing vehicles, etc. Even though we do not make laws and change our attitude in favour of the environment.

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Q.5. What is the message of the poem Tears of Nature?
Ans: The poem gives us a warning about our negligence towards our Earth and nature. The poem gives us a message that we are too careless and indifferent towards nature. Nature is crying and we have learned to overlook the cries of nature. We are destroying the natural environment and we have nothing to restore it back.

Q.6. What is the theme/central Idea of Poem Tears of Nature?
Ans: Click on the question to view the answer to this question.  I have written a separate post on the theme and central idea of this poem.

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