Tears of Nature poem theme and central idea

Today, I am going to explain here the central idea and the theme of the poem Tears of Nature by Graeme King. The poet has given us a strong message in this poem. This poem is part of the English syllabus of various grades in various countries. Here in Pakistan, It is included in the 11th class English book for Federal Board and KPK board.

Tears of nature poem theme and central idea
This is lesson No.5 of the English book of 1st year for KPK board and FBISE. The students need to learn questions answers to the poem and should have a conceptual understanding of the poem to give answers to the questions.

Tears of Nature Poem

The poem is written by Graeme King who started writing rhymic poems in his childhood. Born and brought up in Australia, he visited America, Indonesia and Asia. The topic of the poem Tears of Nature is Nature and Human Activities.

The Theme of the Poem

The poet revolves around the fact that we are destroying nature. The habitats for various species are being destroyed by humans and the species are being extinct. This is both for water species and land species. Despite Science has made much progress, the problem of environment and natural resources depletion is still growing serious day by day.

The poem is a warning to the Man that nature is crying and dying due to his activities. We have rockets and factories with high chimneys, yet we are polluting the seas and we use coal in furnaces. This is the proof of our carelessness and indifference to Nature. We cut trees and nature cry; we burn coal and nature cry. But we do not bother to stop. We let the time pass as it passes.

The Central Idea of the Poem

The poems has been written with the idea to highlight the importance of Nature and how it is affected by human activities. The main idea behind the repetition of the words "I heard Mother nature cry" is to emphasize the worst things we are doing with nature and its worst effects. The poem is also a criticism of the so-called progress of the modern man. He has just created an imbalance in nature. Despite his progress, man has not discovered or invented a way to preserve the environment.

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