Tears of nature poem paraphrase

Here is the paraphrase of the poem Tears of Nature by Graeme King. The poem is the part of English syllabus for various grades in various countries. I have compiled the paraphrase and the explanation of the poem has been given in a different post.

Tears of nature paraphrase of the poem

This is a long poem written by Graeme King. The poem is in the English syllabus of grade 8, grade 9, grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12. In some countries, it is even part of the syllabus of high school and NCERT.

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Paraphrase of the poem

I think that I have just heard mother nature cry. It might be a broken tree falling off. You would think that you will come to know about this voice as the time passes away quickly.

They tell us that there is a big hole in the sky. We won't believe it as we do not believe in the things we cannot see. I think I have just heard the mother nature crying.

The chimneys of the coal-fired factories are very high. The solar-power is free to use. You would think that we will learn it as the time passes quickly.

We have developed the rockets and the ships that can fly. But we still cannot control the pollution of the sea. I think I have just heard the mothery nature crying.

There are headlines on TV and news that there are more species endangered to die out. But we keep quiet and use diplomacy for these issues. You would think that we will come to know this as the time passes fast.

Are you worried about the future? Just pass by and don't care. We all think that how the preservation of nature will start with me. I think I just heard the mother nature cry. But you think that we will learn with the passage of the time.

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