Study Timetable for fsc students

Time table is very important for fsc students. They have to do a lot of hard work to get good marks in Fsc. But all the secrets of getting good marks to lie in preparing with planning. A time table is a tool for effective planning of your exams preparation.

fsc students timetable example template

Time table for Fsc

I cannot say how many students follow a timetable for their daily study routine and how many do not follow it at all. Anyhow, the students must have a time table to follow in order to give regular and equitable time to all subjects.

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Importance of time table

A time table carries great importance in life. For a student, a timetable is just like a teacher who tells him/her what to study and when to study and for how long to study. If a student follows a timetable, he/she actually follows a track that will lead him/her towards success. Without a time table, it would be difficult to manage your study time. 

A time table gives you the following benefits:
  • a clear layout of your subjects and timings
  • a guide to study
  • timely coverage of your syllabus
  • weightage bases or difficulty based time to every subject
  • long term planning
After these benefits, you will have another benefit of high marks in your fsc exams.

The things to do before making a timetable

1. Calculate your total study time

The first thing you will do is to find how much time you have to give to your studies at home. Of course you will have some other things to do like playing, doing domestic chores, having guests, doing shopping, maybe some time to learning a vocational skill or doing a part-time job, watching television etc. But you must allocate a portion of your daily time to your studies. 
Also figure out how much time is left in the exams. Spare your time for studies accordingly.

2. Make a priority wise list of the subjects

It means to sort out all your subjects according to the difficulty or priority. This is the main thing in your time table. For example if you want to give the most time to Physics, keep this subject on the top, then the subjects to which you will give less time than physics and so on. 

You can also give more time to the subjects you find difficult. For example, you find the Physics toughest subject, you will surely give more time to it. So you will keep it on top of the list.

3. Find the best time to study

If you make a time table for fsc, you must keep the timings that best suits you. Usually, these are the timings when you have no other work. You must be usually free on this timing. For example, you can set the timings early in the morning or after the evening.

4. make the timetable

The final step is to make a timetable. Yes, the final thing is this one. Now let me tell you how you can make a timetable. Here is an example of the timetable.

Study Timetable Example

Time Subject          Contents
5:00 AM to 5:30 AM              Physics    Chapter 6: Bernoulis Equation
5:30 AM to 6:00 AM              Physics     Chapter 2: Addition of Vector
6:00 AM to 7:00 AM              Biology    College Work Learning
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM              Chemistry    Test
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM              English+Urdu    College work
3:00 PM to 3:30 PM             Pakistan Study/Islamic Study   College work + test 

You can skip the "Content" and study any content you want. But this layout will give you an understanding of which subject to study at what time. Download self-study time table in MS word

What to do after making a timetable?

After making a time table, you must follow it with animal spirits. You must follow it in any case. The exception is in some critical circumstances.

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I hope you will study and study and study to become successful in life. The secret is in your dedication and commitment and consistency.


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