September the First Day of School paraphrase of the poem

Here is the paraphrase of the poem, September, the First day of School written by Howard, Nemerove. I am preparing complete notes of English for class 11 for FBISE Pakistan. The students studying abroad may have difficulty in finding the study material for their preparation.

I am preparing all subjects notes for class 11 for FBISE students. You will see it complete in a few weeks.I have already made a list of all English Notes for 1st year class 11 FBISE students. You can see there which notes have earlier been published.

September the First day of School Poem paraphrase

Here is the stanza wise paraphrase of all stanzas of the poem.

Stanza 1: 

(My child and I ....... time letting go)

My son and I proceed to school holding each other's on the way. And when I leave him at door of first grade classroom, he cries for a while. BUT he is brave and bold. He let me go. My selfish tears remind me how bitterly I had wept before the same door long time ago. I may have tough time to leave my son in school.

Stanza 2:

(Each fall the children ...... down before it)

The children have to get trough and face whatever goes on in the school together, either good or bad. Every child has to tolerate his or her difficulties alone. Learning is very valuable but not easy It is unconditional to learn the alphabets (a. b, c) and the figures (1, 2, 3). There are twenty six alphabets and ten digits.

Beside these a number of other things, either visible or cannot be seen. The process of learning is random and so commanding that seen and unseen worlds are bow before it.

Stanza 3:

(As Joseph's dream ...... of it in the end)

As Joseph saw in a dream that bundle of wheat and stars are bowed down to him. He was a little boy at that time. When his brothers came to know his dream, all of them began to hate him. The greater part of his life spend to fix the complicated relations.

Stanza 4:

(My child has disappeared ......... not need to know)
My son has disappeared behind the door of classroom. Should I hope to live to see him coming out after completing his school. Maybe it take years but I know what I wish him to be. I am not sure about his outcome of success. I hope that my son will find father-like figures among his teachers who will take care of him. I do not know how he will look and I do not need to know.

Stanza 5:

(Even our tears ..... in the end)
Even the tears that we shed lack true spirit and sincerity. It is just a custom. I pray that great kindness may come of it in the end.

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