September the first day of school questions answers

Here are important questions answers to lesson no. 3 of class 11 English book for FBISE students. You can see that I have already published many posts of notes for FBISE students. This one is for you and I have written here the answers to the questions.

Lesson 3 important questions answers of poem

September, the first day of school

This is 3rd lesson of the book. The important short questions and their answers are given below. Class 11 English notes are here. FBISE board students can benefit from this post.

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Important questions answers

Q.1. How does the allusion to Joseph in this poem enrich the meaning of the poem?
Ans: The poet refers to the dream of the Prophet Joseph who suffered a lot at the hands of his real brothers. But at last great kindness and success came of it in the end. In the same way, the father hopes for great kindness for his son whom he leaves at the gate of the school.

Q.2. What were the feelings of the father taking his son to school?
Ans: The father is a little worried about his son. He thinks that he would leave his son alone. He remembers his own childhood and the first day his father left him at school. He too cried. The poet then hopes for the best for his son. He is optimistic that his son will find a friendly environment at school.

Q.3. What are the writer's views about learning?
Ans: The writer thinks that learning is valuable but difficult. It is unconditional to learn alphabets and the numbers. The process of learning is random and you have to command both visible and invisible things. The children must tolerate the hardships in order to learn in real sense.

Q.4. What did Joseph see in his dream and what was his brothers' reaction to his dream?
Ans: Joseph saw that bundle of wheat and stars are bowed down to him. When his brothers came to know his dream, they began to hate him. They were actually jealous of his bright fate. For the rest of the life, Joseph kept trying to fix the complicated relations.

Q.5. What were the feelings of the father after leaving his son in school?
Ans: The father hopes for success and kindness for his son. When his son had disappeared behind classroom doors, he wishes for his success. He prays that he must live to see his son completing his studies. He hopes that he finds helpful and friendly teachers in the school.

Q.6. Why the first day of school is special for both the child and the parents?
Ans: The first day of is special for the child because the deep attachment with parents will not allow him to part from his parents. The child is not ready to see off his parents whom he loves and who loves him. The parents have the same feelings. They find it hard to leave their children alone at school away from their eyes. That's is why the first day is the day of feelings and emotions.

Q.7. What should be the role of the teachers for first-day students?
Ans: The teachers should treat them kindly and affectionately. The teachers should show fatherly feelings to them. The first day is the day of trial for both the child and the teacher. As the parents hope for a friendly environment, the teachers should handle the feelings and attitudes of new students with love and affection.

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