It's Country for me theme and main idea

Here is the theme and the main idea of the lesson It's the country for me. You can see this is a very short post specially written for the central idea and the theme of It's Country for me.

It's country for me Main Idea

The main idea of the lesson is that we must not consider farming a minor profession. We must not think to live in the countryside a bad thing. All the supply of food we eat in hotels come from the fields and farms. The aim of education should not be a good job. It must polish your personality and you can do any job, choose any profession after your education. The children should help their parents and elders in their work. It brings prosperity and progress.

It's Country for me Theme

The authoress has described the fact that hard work is the key to success. Every profession has prestige and honor. Every profession is sacred. Nature is attractive and it cannot be found in the cities. Man does not want to quit his heritage and culture. Everyone is stick to his traditions and culture. The children love the things they are living with since their childhood. The children usually follow the trade of their father. The children do many small works but they are not considered as they do not do any major task though they may have used more energy than the grownups.

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