It's country for me short summary

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A short summary of It's country for me by Patricia Demuth
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It's country for me Summary

In this lesson, the authoress, Patricia Demuth wants to highlight the satisfaction, hard work and passion of country people for their work and their land. She says that Joel is a young boy of 13 to 14 years of age. He is a student in grade 8 at a Public school in Scales Mound. The writer has described the life, feelings, and the love of the boy for his work, his farms and the country.

Joel has been living on a 245 acred land which great-great-grandfather bought in 1860, 160 years ago. Joel was born on this land and has a special attachment to it. For the attribution to his great-great-grandfather's name, Joel's family was called Holand's family.

After coming back from school, Joel does many small chores and helps his family in farm works. He works for hours daily. During weekends and on holidays, he works 8 to 15 hours a day. He is an energetic, active and hard worker. He visits the animal barn many times a day to feed the animals. He knows how to care for the animals. He has been watching and doing all this since his early childhood.

Joel attends a public school at Scales Mound and almost half of its students are farmers. He is very sociable and friendly. He cares for relations and knows it importance. That's why he knows the names of all his school mates. He is a good student too. He usually gets an A grade or B grade in exams but in national testing, he scored 99 percent. He is aware of the day to day lessons of his school.

In daily chores, Joel helps his family to run the farm and to support the family. He does the work of an adult in spite of his teenage. The Hollands operate as a self-sufficient farm. They raise cattle and animals mostly cows and sheep. They keep some females to replenish the stock and the rest are sold out to meat companies every year. Hollands raise all types of crops their animals need- corn, oats, and hey. They sell the extra crops and earn some money from it. The main source of their income is selling animals.

If all the chores and activities of the farm are to be done by professionals, experts, technicians, and the machines, it would cost one million dollars to operate this farm. Joel's family do all this work themselves with hard work and the experience they have got.

Joel is an active, alert and watchful learner. He has learned all these farming skills by observing, watching and listening to his father and brothers. he continues to learn more skills. He wants to become a farmer.

Joel is the youngest of all the six children of Ed and Betty, his parents. He has four brothers and one sister. His sister is the youngest of all and is a Roman Catholic nun doing graduation Dubuque Lova. Hid other two brothers are also getting education away from the home and his two brothers work on farm with his father.

Joel is highly energetic and never gets tired. His father praises his help and busy life. Being the youngest, he is often involved in helping works such as bringing a forgotten tool, supplying drinking water, lending a helping hand etc. But he dislikes becoming a gofer for others.

Joel does not want to leave the country at any cost. Farming is his heritage and passion. He wants to become a farmer. If he would have to live in a city for one year He will badly miss the country's life. That's why he says, "If I have a favorite place to live on, it's a country for me."

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