It's country for me question answers

I have prepared these questions answers notes for the lesson 4 It's country for me by Patricia Demuth. The lesson is very important and the important questions answers have been given below. These questions answers are for English class 11 for FBISE and KPK boards  students

class 11 English questions answers

As I have told that I am preparing all notes of class 11 English for FBISE and KPK boards. You can download the notes in pdf. 

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It's country for me

Important questions answers

Q.1. How does Joel feel about getting out of bed at 11:15 pm to feed the lamb? How can you tell?
Ans: Joel does not feel bad at all. He knows how to care for the animals they shelter. He likes to take care of the animals. I can tell that because after listening to his mother, Joel instantly goes out with a milk replacement in a soda-pop bottle to feed the lamb.

Q.2. Why Joel had to feed the lamb at 11:15 pm?
Ans: Joel's mother usually fed the orphaned lamb. but tonight she had come home late from a meeting and did not want to go to the barn wearing good clothes. So, she asked Joel to feed the lamb. The lamb was not fed on time as Joel's mother was not at home. So, Joel had to feed the lamb at 11:15 pm.

Q.3. Describe the Hollands farm. 
Ans: Joel Holland has lived on this 245-acre farm since he was born, thirteen years ago. It is the farm of his ancestors. He lives in the house that his great-grandfather built. The land he helps his father and brothers farm is the land that his great-great grandfather James Holland bought in 1860. James was an Irish immigrant. He drove a team of horses to plow the land and make it ready for corn. Now, five generations later, Joel plows the same land atop a tractor that has the power of 120 horses. The rich, black soil has been pampered by Hollands for over 120 years. Farming it is Joe's heritage.

Q.4. In what ways does Joel play the role of an adult? 
Ans: The daily chores that Joel does help are to run the farm and to support the family. Joel plows the fields with a tractor. He feeds the animals opens and closes the gates, lifts the bags of grains, shovels the land etc. On weekends and during the summer, he works outdoor from eight to fifteen hours a day. So, his role is not less than an adult.

Q.5. Does Joel agree with his brother about the rewards of a farming life? 
Ans: Yes, he agrees but he makes funny comments on this occasion. He calls all his brothers and fathers his bosses. On this, they all laughs. But he does not seem to be serious. In fact, he some times does not like to become everybody's 'gofer'.

Q.6. What skills must a farmer have to run a farm like Holland?? 
Ans: To run a farm like this, farmers have to have many skills. They have to be machine operators, driving immense and powerful vehicles; they have to be mechanics, repairing them; husbandmen, raising livestock; veterinarians, tending them when sick; agriculturists, growing food on a large scale; and businesspeople, managing (like Joel's father) a farm operation worth nearly one million dollars.

Q.7. Joel says that of all the places on earth, he would choose to live "right here" — on the farm. Do you think his choice is a good one? 
Ans: If he had to live in the city for a year, he would mostly miss the land. He'd miss seeing things grow. He would miss the transitions of seasonal changes. He says so because he likes the teamwork and freedom of work of the country people. I think his choice is good because living near nature increases your life span.

Q.8. In a sentence, state the main idea of the story. 
Ans: The main idea of the story is that it does not matter whatever profession you adopted, you can earn enough and enjoy life. But you must work hard and devote yourself to the profession.

Q.9. Why does Joel wear boots every day regardless of the weather?
Ans: Joel has to wear the boots every day because he does chores every night after school and for several hours on weekends. The chores are bootwork- hard, heavy and sometimes dirty.

Q.10. Farming is Joel's world. Justify / comment.
Ans: Joel lives on a 245-acre farm since he was born. He goes in and out of the barn at least 10 times a day. He works in the fields for hours and even in the night. He helps his family in raising crops and cattle. He never wants to live in a city. His life is duly picked up in the pattern if a professional farmer. That's why we can say that farming is Joel's world.

Q.11. How do Hollands make money? OR what are the financial benefits of farming for Hollands?
Ans: Hollands operate a self-sufficient farm. The main activity on the farms is to raise livestock. In each herd, they keep some females to replenish the stock. The rest animals are sold. They grow the feed needed for livestock feeding. The extras food is also sold.

Q.12. How can Joel tell what is going on even when he is not actively involved in a chore?
Ans: Joel extremely alert and watchful like a cat. He gets an idea of what is going on and what is going to happen from the talks of his father and brothers. He keeps ears on everything his father talk about with others. So, he can tell what is going on.

Q.13. Who is Joel? What kind of student he is?
Ans: Joel is a thirteen to fourteen years old boy who lives on a farm with his family near Scales Mound. He works on the farms with his family. He is a student in grade eight. Joel is a good student but he is reluctant to discuss it. He often gets A or B grades in his exams. He scored  99 percent in national testing. He is an alert and vigilant student. He knows what they are reading at school.

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