Is Academy necessary for fsc (Pakistan)

FSc or Faculty of Science is an intermediate level or higher secondary level course with a science combination. The students either take biology or mathematics in this course. The students who want to join medical fields after Fsc take biology and the students who want to go into engineering fields study mathematics at the Fsc level.

importance of academy for fsc students

Is Joining Academy Necessary?

Well, that all depends upon various factors. The final answer is "NO". It is not necessary but it is better to join an academy. I will guide you how you can get good marks in F.Sc without joining an academy.

There are several things that you can do and avoid and get even the same marks as get your other class-fellows. I remember many guys who joined the academy for the whole session and even got poor marks and the others who did not join any academy got higher marks than those. But that is the case with a very less number of cases. But that is too the proof that an academy is not the only factor to get good marks in FSc.

When / why you should join the academy?

The academy is a supplementary institution that adds to your academic performance. It may help you to cover your syllabus timely. There are some other functions of an academy.

Here are some factors which suggest that you should, not necessarily, join an academy:

1. If you are a Govt. college Student

If you are enrolled in a Govt. college, you should join an academy. This is so because the systems of Govt. Colleges are not as efficient as those of private colleges. There are no proper monthly test systems. The environment is softer than that of private colleges. The professors only deliver lectures and do not bother to conduct class level assessments.

So the students are not pushed to read the lessons at home. The students become careless and non-serious resulting in poor preparation. This is one reason that almost all the Govt. college students join an academy.

2. If you find your syllabus will not be covered

If you think you are going too slow, you should join an academy to boost up your speed. For good preparation, your syllabus must be covered till January.

You must have time to revise the whole course at least one time. You should have a decent test session. That is why you should join an academy if you have missed too many lectures or your course is much behind.

3. Your concepts are not clear

Although there are highly professional and qualified teachers in a Govt. college, some students may find it difficult to pick up the concepts due to various reasons; he classroom environment; the behaviour and attitude of fellow students; the method of the teacher etc.

At FSc level, you must get your concepts cleared before you appear in exams. Both memorizing the content from the book and clarifying the concepts is a good thing at the Fsc level. You cannot perform well in the exams with just text rotted and leaned from the books. You cannot either do well with just concepts and without a decent writing skills and grip on English Grammar.

So, the best thing is to learn textbooks as well as clear your concepts.

4. You can afford the academy

If you have no financial worries and you can manage academy work and college work decently, you must join an academy. Because marks matter in F.Sc. Marks determines your fate. Marks will decide what you will do next after your FSc. I know many students who did Simple FA after getting many supplies or very poor marks in fsc.

You first decide whether you should really do fsc or FA.

So, If you can afford, you must join an academy. If you get 100 more marks while spending 30,000 on academy fees, the deal is not bad. Anyhow if you cannot afford Rs 3000-4000 monthly, you should read this post till the end.

5. You are a weak student

If you think you cannot do well without an academy, go and join it today. In the coming sections of this post, I have explained various ways you can do well without an academy. But If you feel you need more lectures, more clarity of the concepts, more attention, and versatile teaching methods, you should join an academy and see if it gives you what you expect.

When you Should not Join an Academy

Although an academy is always better for most of the students an most of the cases. But there are some circumstances under which an academy may even harm your preparation. I have given the reasons why you should not join an academy and after that how you can prepare without an academy.

You should not join an academy if:

1. You cannot handle double work

If you are not born with multitasking aptitude, you should not join an academy. There are many people in the world who do one task well at one time. Giving them two assignments at the same time puzzles them and their performance is negatively affected.

So, if you have regular lectures at the college, and if you are the students of a good and well-reputed Private college like Punjab College, KIPS College, Concordia College, Superior College, Unique College, Brain College, FC College, and so on, you should not take up the double burden.

But if you have no problem with double work, you can continue with an academy.

2. If the academy is of poor standard

If you think the academy you are going to join is of a poor standard, it is better not to join it. For example, there are academies that claim to have good staff but they actually don't have. This type of academies and the staff there do more bad with the students than they do them good.

In that case, you may be delivered wrong concepts and poor guidance which will lead you to the worst. So, it is advisable to avoid such an academy and study at home preparing college lectures.

3. If it affects your health

Health is wealth. A sound body has a sound mind. Never compromise your health even at any cost. If you are healthy, you can do anything you want. But if you are not fit, you cannot even do the most important tasks. Health is a major issue in a student's life.

There many students who have minor health issues but they are living a normal lifestyle. Putting some extra pressure (academy) may lead to broken health or any severe health problem. There are many examples in our life:

  • For example if a student has to travel daily 10-30 kilometers to go to the academy. Then returning home back. It may make him even sick. Or his minor health issue may grow up.
  • For example, if a student keeps awake till 9:00 PM reading the college lectures and preparing for the college test, doing extra work of the academy will make him keep awake for more time leaving him with less time to sleep. It may stimulate any mental depression or other mental ailments.
  • So, a mentally fresh person can perform even better. It is not a good practice to study late at night and sleep during the lectures. You must be mentally present in lectures. 
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When you may not join an academy

Here are some conditions under which you may not join an academy. You can prepare your lesson well and good without an academy if:

1. You are student of a Good College

If you are a student of a good and well-reputed Private college like Punjab College, KIPS College, Concordia College, Superior College, Unique College, Brain College, FC College, and so on, you should know that these institutions have their own quality assurance systems. You attend lectures and you have to take monthly tests. The teachers also conduct class assessments regularly.

These institutions, in fact, make you learn things in any case. So, after college, just revise the daily lectures at home.

2. You are habitual to studying at home

If you have a good habit of revising your lectures at home, then you don't need to join an academy at all. All you can do is give proper time to your studies. Make a time table for your study and follow it in true spirits. When there is a test in college, prepare it well at home.

Another option is to do group study. If you have one or more brilliant students your friends, you can study together at home or in any peaceful place. It will help you share your concepts and knowledge and experiences. It will help you develop a more deep understanding of your course content.

3. You cannot afford an academy

Financial problems? No worries! just take the responsibility and do your Fsc without an academy. I would suggest you make a study timetable at home and follow it. Do not waste your time in extra activities like watching T.V, playing cricket, visiting friends, attending weddings, celebrating birthdays, going to cinemas, playing indoor games, using internet and social media, etc.

It is better to be focused on your track. Think about your future and give as much time to your studies as you can.

4. If you are a genius student

A genius student can study at home. He or she can accept the responsibility and do his/her work at home even better than he would do in an academy. So, it is better to give 1-2 hours to your studies at home. Academies just give an extra clarification of the concepts or they just revise your course. This can be done at home easily. So, it is better to give less but sensible time to your studies.

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