FBISE HSSC 1 English paper pattern new

Federal Board has adopted the syllabus and paper pattern of KPK board from 2020 and onward. The students can easily obtain a model paper from boards website and than study accordingly. Here I have explained the papter pattern of 1st year, class 11, hssc part 1 for the annual exams 2020. FBISE and KPK board will now have the same syllabus and paper pattern.

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Federal Board English Paper pattern for Class 11

Here is how the paper will look like and he division of marks and questions is as follows.

Sections of paper

There will be three sections of the question paper. 

i. Section (A) =  (20 marks)

This is the objective part of the question paper. This section has Question No. 1 of the paper. There will be 20 MCQs each carrying 1 mark. The division of this section is given as:
  • Lessons =               8 MCQs
  • Poems =                 2 MCQs
  • Figure of speech = 1 MCQs
  • Plays =                   1 MCQs
  • Grammar =             8 MCQs
Total = 20 MCQs

i. Section (B) = (40 Marks)

This Section has Questions NO.2 and Question No.3. This section has 40 marks. 

Question No. 2 = There will be 9 short questions from the pose section of the book. No question will be asked from poems and play. The students will have to attempt 7 questions out of 9 short questions. your answer must be 40-50 words.  Marks = 7x4= 28

Question No.3 = This queston has two part PART A and PART B. Marks = 6+6=12

In PART A, a stanza of any poem will be given along 3 questions below it. The students will have to read the stanza and answer the three questions given at the end. This is basically a comprehension questions having 6 marks, 2 for every answer.

PART B of this section comprises of 1 long question related to poems. This Part has 6 marks. Your answer must be of 50-65 words.

NOTE: There is no choice in this section. Students have to attempt both questions and there is not an internal choice as well.

iii. Section (C) = 40 marks

Question No.4 to Question No. 8 lie in this section. 

Question No. 4 = There will be two questions from the play Damon and Pythias. Students have to attempt ONE question from them. This question have 6 marks and your answer must be around 60-75 words. Marks = 6x1 = 6

Questions No.5 = This question has THREE parts A, B, C.  Marks = 5+5+4= 14 marks

PART A has 7 phrasal verbs and the students have to use FIVE of them in their sentences. This part has 5 marks.

PART B has 7 sentences that have an incorrect form of the verb in brackets. The students have to correct the form of Verb from ANY FIVE sentences. 5 marks from it.

PART C has a short paragraph or a line extracted from any lesson of the book. The students have to punctuate this line or paragraph. 4 marks from it.

Question No. 6 = There will be either a formal letter or an application of 8 marks. So, the letter will be formal. It should be written to any govt. official, manager of any company or department, to the editors of the newspaper etc. The application will be written to any govt. official, principal, the chairman of any company or organization etc. Marks = 8

Note: today I have uploaded Smart syllabus for HSSC 1 and HSSC 2 2020 in pdf

Question No. 7 = There is an internal choice in this question. You can write either a paragraph in English on a given topic OR you can translate the given Urdu paragraph into English. The English paragraphs should be of 70-80 words. Marks = 6

Question No. 8 = This question also has an internal choice. You will write either a dialogue on the given topic in English OR you will write your CV (without cover letter) for a job application. You should not mention your real name, address, etc while writing the C.V. Marks = 6

So, this is how your paper of English will come in 2020 exams. I have prepared a guess paper accordingly for your 2020 exams. You should see the guess paper of English class 11 for the Federal board

Here is a sample paper for you. Have a look at the paper and see the real picture of your 2020 paper.
Open the following link in new tab to see the model paper in PDF. The paper is at the end of the pdf file. 

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