FBISE HSSC 1 English guess paper 2020

Here is the guess paper of English for class 11 federal board for the year 2020. You can find all guess papers for the federal board here for 2020. I have compiled a complete page for the guess papers for federal board students. Now Pakistan Federal Board Islamabad is following the syllabus of the KPK board for the HSSC level. So this guess paper is still valid for all kpk board too.
FBISE English guess paper class 11 HSSC part 1 2020

English guess paper for federal board 2020

Here are all important questions for and sections of the paper accoding to the paper pattern of English for the HSSC part 1 dor federal board.

Q.2. Important questions answers

1. Why don't the young Seagull's parents, brothers, and sister give him food?
2. What is the lesson of the story "His First Flight"?
3. What was Mr. Somervl's system of teaching English? OR How did Mr. Somervel teach English?
4. How old was Churchil when he entered the inhospitable regions of examinations?
5. Why could Churchill do not perform well in the examinations?
6. Why does Churchill call the examinations an inhospitable region?
7. What skills are required to run a farm like Holland's?
8. In what ways, does Joel play the role of an adult?
9. What would Joel miss if he had to live in a city?
10. How is the environment a social problem? OR Why does the author say that the environment is a social problem?
11. Why does alteration in one part of the ecosystem impact other parts of the ecosystem?
12. What is the message of the poem "Tear of nature"?
13. Why is Peter's dad sending Granddad away and where to?
14. Why does Peter ask his father to cut the blanket in two?
15. Why does Peter's dad get angry with the girl he is going to marry?
16. What happened when Marta told the principal what her grandfather had said?
17. Why couldn't Marta take part in sports at school?
18. Why does Cospy pretend to like his daughter's music?
19. What excuse did Jason invent as an explanation for his being late?
20. What was the most distressing and painful experience of Jason?
21. What was Helfer asked to do?
22. What were the feelings of the author when he discovered that he did not have Housemaid's knee?
23. How did Jerome K Jerome come to suspect that his liver was out of order?
24. What does Joane Bailey Baxter plan to do when she is an old lady?
25. How did Asad find his new job?

Q.3. PART (A) Important Stanzas for comprehension questions

Poem "September, The first day of school"
1. As in Joseph's dream ..... hatred of his brothers
2. I know my hope but do not ..... his father could

Poem "Tears of nature"
1. Worry on the future? ..... goes speeding by
2. Headlines: one more species ..... goes speeding by
3. we developed rockets ships ...... mother nature cry

Poem "The most beautiful flower
I sat there and wondered ...... self-indulged plight
The park bech was deserted ..... draging me down

Poem "Be the best whatever you are"
1. If you can't be a pine on top........ you can't be a tree (Poem 'Be the Best Whatever you are')
2. You can't be a highway ...... whatever you are (Poem 'Be the Best Whatever you are')
3. If you can't be a bush ..... bass in the lake

Poem "When I am an old lady"
When they're on phone...... live with my kids)
When they cook dinner .... I'll run if I am able.
I'll Sit close to the TV ....... with my kids)

Q.3. PART (B): It will be a theme or central idea or message of any poem.


Q.4. Important questions of Play "Damon and Pythias"

1. Theme or central idea of the play "Damon and Pythias"
2. Give the plot of the play.
3. What is the message of the play?
4. Draw a character sketch of the King.
5. Briefly describe the plot of the play.
6. character sketch of Python or Damon

Q.5. (A) Important Phrasal Verbs

come by, come off, come to, break away, break into, break out, bring down, bring in, bring out, bring up, bear out, bring about, give away, give up, give in, put off, put on, put out, put away, look for, set by, set in, turn down, go into, get away, get up, get on, get down

Q.6. Important letters

  • letter to health officer for dengue spray
  • letter to hospital incharge for misbehaviour of doctors
  • letter to the editor of newspapers about street beggars
  • letter to the editor of the newspaper for smoking on public places
  • letter to hotel manager for booking a room
  • letter to the doctor for having an appointment
  • letter to education minister for opening a high school in your area
  • letter to editor of newspaper about load-shedding
  • letter to the editor of the newspaper for traffic accidents

Important Applications:

  • for fee concession
  • for the apology of misbehavior in class
  • for permission of a cricket match
  • for permission/arrangement of a study tour
  • for grant of scholarship
  • Asking to start bus service to your rout
  • For one month leave
  • for poor conditions of the college library
  • for providing computers in computer lab

Q.7. Important paragraphs topics

  • discipline
  • my hobby
  • traffic accidents
  • corruption
  • smoking
  • reading habit
  • morning walk
  • cheating in exams
  • timetable
  • hardwork
  • patriotism
  • importance of knowledge
  • unemployment

Q.8. Important dialogues topics

  • discipline
  • between doctor and patient
  • between teacher and student on importance of time
  • between teacher and student about use of mobile in the classroom
  • between two friends about job opportunities
  • between shopkeeper and customer about rising prices
  • between traffic police and a driver
  • between father and son about performance in the tests
  • between bookseller and a student
  • between two friends about cleanliness
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