All options after simple FA in Pakistan

The students after matric have to decide which courses they will take after matric. The students who study science subjects at matric level usually do FSc or ICS. So, they have limited subject selection choices as compared to Arts students. Arts students can even go into ICS as well.

Options after fa in Pakistan

Why Simple FA?

Simple fa means doing your intermediate with arts subjects or humanities subjects. It means you do not take any science subjects. The students usually do Fsc after matric. But that is not a wise decision in all cases. There are some factors that either push you or attract you towards simple FA. So, Fsc is not the destination. Simple fa can given you more advantages in life in some cases. I have written a complete post on why and when you should do simple fa instead of FSc.

What are the options after fa?

There are many indeed. That all depends upon what you want to become. You can take any subject and choose any field other than medical and engineering. 

You should study specific subjects in FA in order to go further in those subjects. I have published a post on which subjects combinations has good scope so that you can choose one from that list.

So, there are hundreds of other fields but you have to see your own taste and interests. I will guide you through the post and you will have come to a final decision after reading this post.

What can I do after simple fa?

Below are various questions frequently asked by the students on Google search. The data shows that the majority of the students want to go into professional courses and professional level higher studies. Here are the various options:

1. You can do ADA (BA)

Associate degree in Arts is a graduate-level program of 2 years duration. It was previously called BA (bachelor of arts). The University of Punjab has abolished this course from 2019 and named it as ADA (Associate Degree in Arts). The course contents, outline, paper pattern and duration, and exams system is the same as BA but only the name has been changed.

Doing BA, NOW ADA, after matric is common practice in Pakistan. The students want to study for a higher-level after basic level of FA. ADA is simply a graduate degree and you can choose any 2 elective and one optional subjects from a variety of subjects. 

You should choose the subjects which you want to study for the masters level. You can choose Arabic, Kashmiriyat, or Persian as one elective subject to secure your 1st division as these subjects will give more marks than any other subject. You can read my other post on which subjects you should choose in ADA (BA).

2. You can do BEd (Hons)

BEd (Hons) is a 4-year professional course for the students who want to become teachers. The University of Education Lahore offers this program on its own campus and through other affiliated colleges. The course has a semester system and it covers eight semesters. The eligibility criteria are FA or FSc or ICS or equivalent certificate. So, this is simply a professional course for the students to produce them as highly competent teachers. The minimum 2nd division is required in FA. You can learn more details about this course at the University of Education B.Ed (Hons) program page.

The course is equal to B.A+B.Ed combined. It means that your formal qualification also reaches to graduation along with profession qualification of B.Ed. You can do a master in any subject after this course.

3. You can do LLB after FA

LLB or Bachelor of Law is a professional course to become a practicing lawyer. The students who want to become lawyers or judges take this course. After University terminates 3 years LLB program in 2017, this course has become popular.

This is a five years program with the annual system. University of the Punjab offers this course through various affiliated colleges. The eligibility criteria are FA or FSC or ICS or ICom or equivalent degree with at least 55% marks. An entry test named LAT is conducted before admission and the student has to pass that test to be eligible for the admission. Read more details of this course on University's page.

4. Can I do B.Com after simple FA?

Yes, you can. B.Com (bachelor of commerce) is a degree level professional program. It was not allowed earlier but now it is allowed to give arts students an opportunity to become professional bankers. Now you can do BCom in any regular or private college. The students who want to join the banking sector usually do instead of FA. They study particular banking related subjects at ICom level. D.Com is also a diploma the students can do after matric instead of ICom.

5. Can I do BBA after simple FA?

Yes, you can. BBA (bachelor of business administration) is similar to bcom but it has a more business-oriented and administrative nature. In you study statistics, economics, accounting etc, but in BBA you study business administration, business management, finance management, etc. So, BBA is very popular and has a wider scope in Pakistan. After BBA you can do MBA in a particular field of your choice.

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6. Can I do BS Psychology after fa?

Yes, you can. For BS psychology course, you need to get into the merit list of the college or university. You must get more than 80 % marks in FA, and having studied psychology at FA level is a bonus point. There is also good scope of psychology in Pakistan.

You must get good marks in fa for being able to get admission in BS in psychology. You can do it as a regular university student. This is a four-year course with a semester system.

7. Can I do software Engineering after simple fa?

Yes, you can but if you have studied computer science at inter level. You must study computer science in fa to go into computer science engineering field. Otherwise, you cannot get admission in this course.

8. Do B.Sc with general science

With BSc with general science, you can go to some specific field but cannot go into MBBS or related medical fields. You can see other options than MBBS but you can go into mass media, journalism, electronics or advertising. You can go to geography, geology, space science, etc.

9. Do a diploma course after simple fa?

There are many diploma courses after fa. FA students can also take matric level diploma courses because of the scope of those diploma courses. Here is the list of all diploma courses after FA.

10. Find a Job

Yes, there are some jobs based on fa. The qualification required for these jobs is FA with some particular skills like typing speed, computer knowledge, driving etc. You can get these skills and you can get a decent job after FA. For a quick job, keep watching in the newspapers, follow facebook pages related to jobs, subscribe to youtube channels, also ask your friends to inform you if any job vacancy opens.

A more Fascination thing ....

Prepare for the Competitive Exam

You can even become a 17-grade civil servant with simple FA. All you need to do is do your BA (ADA) after FA. Take sociology, Civics and Islamic study electives in BA. After BA, prepare for PPSC or FPSC exams. 

Read some good general knowledge books for competitive exams and keep yourself updated with current affairs and international affairs. Apply for all jobs through PPSC and FPSC and take all tests. You may not be successful in 1st attempt but it will give your valuable experience. Try again and again till you get a good job. If NOT, prepare for CSS. You can read my post on the complete information and guide on CSS.

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