Why to do simple FA Not FSc

I have previously met many students who did F.Sc in poor marks. Earlier they had poor marks in Martic. Many students come to me to ask what to do after matric. I advise them according to their marks and interests. I do not, like everyone, force them to go for F.Sc. There are some conditions udder which F.A is better than F.Sc.
The students who have fears in doing F.Sc often go for simple F.A. Many students choose the subjects on the choice of their parents. This practice is not good. The students should choose the subjects he/she has interest in.

Why Simple FA?

Good things are that you have many options after your matric exams. You can either do FSc, if you have good marks in Martic and you have done your matric with science. You can see the list of options you can choose from after doing your matric. Simple FA or FA in arts has also a wider scope. You can read what you can do after FA in Pakistan.

F.Sc Vs F.A

1st of all let me tell you what is the difference between simple FA and FSc.

F.Sc stands for the Faculty of Science. In this course, the students study science subjects like Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics etc. You have the option to choose either math or biology in F.Sc. F.Sc with maths is called pre-engineering and F.Sc with biology is called Pre-biology. The main point is that F.Sc is purely a science-based course.

F.A stands for Faculty of Arts. In this course, students study arts subjects of their own choice. They choose the subjects from a list of arts subjects for FA students. The students study arts subjects and hence they go in for arts fields. They cannot become doctors or engineers.

When to do simple FA?

You should not take F.Sc and should take FA instead if you meet the following conditions.

  1. You got less than 800 marks in Martic
  2. You have less interest in Science subjects
  3. You cannot afford F.Sc (attending private colleges, paying high fees for academies)
  4. You have an interest in any arts subject like education, sociology, civics etc
  5. You are actually genius but science is not your taste
If you meet any above-mentioned criteria, you should do simple F.A. You can also do the simple FA and SIMPLE BA even you do not meet the above criteria but you want to become something in the future. See the following lines:

1. You want to become a lawyer

If you want to become a lawyer, you don't need to study science subjects. Just pick up civics in FA and get good marks. Then get admission in LLB. That's all.

2. You want to become a Journalist

If you want to become a journalist, you don't need to study F.Sc. Science will do nothing to you. study journalism in FA and get admission in any university in Mass communication.

3. You want to become a teacher or professor

If you want to become a teacher or a professor, just choose any specific subject in FA and do your MA, Mphil and even Phd in that subject. You will become a professor. 

4. You want to become a psychologist

If you want to become a psychologist, you can choose psychology in simple FA and do your master's in it. You will become a psychologist without studying science.

The professions after simple FA

Here is a list of professions you can join after simple FA and Arts subjects. These areas do not need any science degree. You can go into these areas with arts subjects.
  1. Lawyer
  2. Teacher
  3. Psychologist
  4. Journalist
  5. Sociologist
  6. A policymaker
  7. A judge
  8. Police officer
  9. A civil servant
  10. A dress designer
  11. Architecture
  12. Social Worker
  13. An author
  14. An Actor or singer
  15. A banker
  16. A marketer
  17. A publisher
  18. A blogger
  19. Event planner
  20. A historian
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Special benefits of Simple FA

This is the age of science. The age of merit and transparency. There are fewer jobs than people looking for a job. So everywhere is a fierce competition. You have to get on the merit list for a job. Usually, the merits are made on marks of Matric, Intermediate, Graduation or Master level.

Listen carefully! all the top students will go for science. They will do F.Sc after matric with science. As 70 % of the students take F.Sc, only 30% go for simple F.A. So the competition for jobs for science students is very high as compared to art jobs. So if you are a genius, you can go in simple FA and get high marks. You can even top the board with arts subjects if you have 1000 marks in Matric. so, marks count everywhere. With high marks in F.A, B.A and M.A, you can top any merit list that is solely for arts students. 

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If you have an excellent mind and you choose simple FA you can be very successful because the students who usually do simple FA are or moderate levels. They choose simple F.A because they cannot perform well in F.Sc. So, they are generally dull-minded, incompetent and low achievers. They have no abilities to compete with you. You will surely get far more high marks then they get. In the future, the same students are your job competitors. So, they will not beat you. 

I advise you to study science subjects if you like so. This post is only for those people who think something other than F.Sc.

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Note: This post doesn't aim to discourage F.Sc students. This post is not the indication that F.Sc is that bad thing. The main purpose of this post is to provide guidance to the students. I only explain the realities and do not hit any peculiar field, person or institution. The students are even free to follow their own will. 

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