The options after ICS in Pakistan

There are several options for computer science students in Pakistan. If you have done your ICS, you can do many things. The details are given in the following paragraphs. ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Science. This course includes three compulsory subjects with other combinations of subjects. You can check my detailed post on ICS subjects for 1st-year class 11.

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Your ICS Combination matters

Yes, there are 6 subjects you study in ICS: English, Urdu, Islamic Education/Pak Study, Computer Science, Mathematics OR Economics, States or Physics. The main thing is the combination you study in ICS. You may have studied one of the following combinations in your ICS course.
English, Urdu, Islamic Education/Pak Study and:

  1. Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
  2. Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
  3. Economics, Computer Science and Mathematics
  4. Computer Science, Statistics and Economics
So, with any combination, your ICS is considered ICS. Now you might be looking for what you can do if you have passed your ICS. 

What to do After ICS?

That is the 1st question after you leave your examination center on the last paper of your ICS part 2 (that is of course if you have quite good hope of passing it). Now you can do what is best for you. I have only given here the possible options that you can choose from. Your ICS maybe with stats or with economics or with maths, you can still go into the following fields if you pass your ICS with decent marks.

The Fields for ICS Students


BCS stands for Batchelor in Computer Science. It is simply a further level of formal education in computer science. This your 1st degree in computer science. This is not a professional course or degree. It is just your graduation in Computer science.  You can also do a BS in Computer Science (BSCS), a 4 years degree program which is equivalent to MCS (Masters in computer science)


  1. You can do MCS (master in computer science) after BCS. 
  2. You can also take some higher-level courses like 3D animation, Database administration, ADMCP, MSc IT, Master in business administration, etc.
  3. After completing your BCS or BSCS you can do the job in banks, Computer manufacturing companies, schools, and colleges, Libraries, govt. institutions, Software and hardware companies, financial institutions and consultancies etc.

2. Software Engineering

You can do a BS in software engineering. This is also a master's level BS program which consists of 4 years. many universities offer this program. This field is very popular in progressing countries like Pakistan.


  1. You can work as a Software engineer in many software technology companies. You can work in banks and business firms as a data administrator, software developer, program analyst and many more.
  2. You can develop your own software or apps to sell them online.
  3. You can do online business by selling your services and software etc.


BSAI refers to BS in Artificial Intelligence. This is the latest and emerging field. The future of the world is linked with artificial intelligence. A computer science student can do a BS in Artificial Intelligence offered by many IT universities in the country.


  1. The students, after doing BS in Artificial intelligence can work a computer simulator, robotic engineering, Industries, automation manufacturers, etc.
  2. The coming era is the era of the computer. Artificial intelligence means humans interacting the computers. So, an artificial intelligence expert will be working anywhere where a computer is being manufactured or used.

4. BIT

BIT stands for Batchelor of Information Technology. This age is the age of technology. The information we share, receive and send, all depends upon technology. This is a 4 years program equal to M.Sc in information technology. The course teaches the various technology products and their usage in information dissemination.
  1. A BIT can work with all departments, agencies, institutions, companies and firms which create, broadcast and exploit any type of information.
  2. The job places are space agencies, T.V and radio channels, Internet companies, Networking firms, artificial satellites etc. You can work as IT officer, IT manager, IT coordinator in various private and Govt. institutions.

5. BS Space Science

If you have done your ICS with physics, you can do a BS in Space science. This field is also good for students who want to work on mega projects by space agencies and environmental institutions.
  1. You can work as a space analyst, program manager, project manager, project officer, site manager, field officer etc.
  2. You can work with space agencies, space exploration projects, environmental projects, etc.
6. B.Sc in Mathematics or Statistics
You can do B.Sc in Mathematics or statistics if you have studied mathematics or statistics in your ICS course. Mathematics is a good subject and you can even do M.Phil or PhD in Mathematics and statistics. 
  1. You can become a lecturer of professor of mathematics or statistics
  2. This degree can help you in CSS, PMS, PPSC Job tests

7.  B.Com

If you have studied economics in your ICS course, you can opt in to do B.Com, that is Batchelor of Commerce. This is simply a banking field. After B.Com, you can do M.Com which is a professional degree for the banking sector.


  1. You can find a job easily in any Govt. or private bank.
  2. Microfinance institutions are looking for commerce students
  3. You can become an accountant, deputy accountant in any Govt. institution
  4. You can find a job in factories, industries etc.
  5. You can do job in any office that has to do with accounts and money.

8. Miscellaneous

With ICS, you can go into the following fields:
  • BBA
  • B.Tech
  • B.Sc Economics
  • B.Sc Physics
  • DCT

Marks Matter

Whatever you plan to do after your ICS, you must keep in mind that you will face difficulty in getting admission if you have poor marks in ICS. Merits are very high and going higher and higher day by day. So, try to get at least 1000 marks in ICS so that you may not face any difficulty in getting admission in any university or college.

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  1. Sir...!!
    Am I able to do BCS ,now in 2020 or just I can do BSCS??

  2. Sir me ny 2 saal sy ics(physics, math, computer) kiya hai bht mushkl sy Mary 43% percent marks hain me srf simple bsc kr skta hon Punjab university sy likhn mujhy subject combination ki samj nhi a rhi... Ku k me bsc me math nhi krna chahta plz bta dain kon sy subjects choose kron math nsh ho bs

  3. Aoa
    I have done ics with subjects math physics and computer. Sir please tell me which field or course is better to get a better job.

  4. Aoa
    Which field is better after ics(physics,math,computer) to get a better job.

  5. Can we study Economics in English medium?

  6. Yes. You can take economics in English

  7. Salam sir .
    Sir ma na ics complete keya hu science ka subject ma ab ma aga computer pa master karna chata hu us ma kon kon sa subject ha aor us ka leya kon se university best ha aor us university ma kitna mark ke zarorat hote ha ics ma
    Pls give me SIR

  8. Sir, I passed ICS almost 14years ago, Can I admit for BA exam?

  9. I want to be a teacher or lecturer so plzzz tell me the best field after ICS????? ANYONEE PLZZZ

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    what are the oppertunities after duing ics in CS,stats and economics??

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