simple fa subjects for 1st year complete list

Doing simple fa is not a bad thing. The students set their aim with science subjects. They do not think anything else. The reality is that simple F.A or arts combination is beneficial and is even better than F.Sc in some conditions. I have written a complete post Options after matric in Arts.

You can also see my post on why simple F.A is better than F.Sc under special cases. Now for this time, I am going to give you the list of all subjects you can choose from for the F.A 1st year.

1st year arts subjects list

The list of subjects is very long. You can see the list below but some boards and colleges may have limitations to offer all these subjects. I have met many officers who did simple F.A and are now civil servants in various Govt. Departments. Many are of 16-20 grades. Yes, I am telling you the truth.

Arts subjects for 11th class in Pakistan

Here is the list of all the subjects which you can study in class 11th 1st year arts:

Compulsory subjects:

These are the subjects you have to study mandatory. You cannot skip these subjects or you cannot pass the exams without these subjects.

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Education

Elective Subjects

There are 6 subjects the students of 1st year arts study. The three subjects are compulsory and the three are elective. The private students can choose the elective subjects of their own choice. But regular students have to follow the instructions of their respective colleges while choosing the subjects. Every college will give you a prospectus and you will choose the subjects enlisted in that prospectus in the light of the given instructions.
  1. English Literature (انگریزی ادب)
  2. Urdu Advance (مرقع اردو)
  3. Punjabi (پنجابی)
  4. Islamic Study (اسلامیات اختیاری)
  5. Sociology (عمرانیات)
  6. Psychology (نفسیات)
  7. Civics (شہریت)
  8. Education (علم التعلیم)
  9. History (تاریخ)
  10. Geography (جغرافیہ)
  11. Economics (معاشیات)
  12. Physical education (تعلیمِ جسمانی)
  13. Persian (فارسی)
  14. History of Pakistan (تاریخِ پاکستان)
  15. Political Science (سیاسیات)
  16. Arabic (عربی)
  17. Kashmiryat (کشمیریات)
  18. Sindhi (سندھی)
  19. Philosophy (فلسفہ)
  20. Journalism (صحافت)
  21. Fine Arts (فائن آرٹس)
  22. Statistics (شماریات)
  23. Agriculture (زرعی تعلیم)
  24. Home Economics (امورِ خانہ داری)
Although you can study these subjects and choose the subjects you want there are limitations. You cannot choose freely. For example, there may be a paper of two subjects on the same day if you choose them freely. That is why boards only allow two languages, two social science, etc. you cannot have all the three subjects of the same category as all three languages, all three social sciences, etc.

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  2. sir federal board ke bhi yahi subjects ha

  3. Sir mai llb krna chahta hon abhi matric kiya h first year me admision lena hai abhi to mai konse subject rakhu

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