Other options if not selected in MBBS

Almost every student of biology wants to go in for the medical field with a rather higher priority to MBBS. I wonder why some students even not thin of any other better option. The first and foremost desire is to be enrolled in the MBBS program. In Pakistan, I know many parents who just put pressure on their children to clear MCAT in any case. Resultantly, if the student fails in the test, the whole dream vanishes away leaving the student's career at risk. The frustration prevails which kills the motivation of the student.

What to do if not got admission in MBBS

What to do if Not selected in MBBS?

There are several non-medical fields but if you have to go into medicine only, you can see the following list of options of you are not selected in MBBS. If you have little interest in MBBS, or if you just cannot afford it or you think you are not born to become a doctor, you can choose from the following best fields you can go in with biology.

The 1st thing is your own interest

I would recommend the field best meets your own interests and passions. For my own views, I would tell you to chase your inner talent; that is what you can do best and what you can do without being tired. The passion and the inner native talent is the special ability God has created you with. You have to analyze that quality and work hard to improve it and utilize it as a career. The passion is the work or activity which soothes your soul, which can do for hours without being bored.

The example is that a boy tried to get admission in F.Sc. He failed to come into the merit list and he could not be admitted. He actually had very low marks in science subjects in matric. He had good Urdu. He then did his simple F.A. He did his B.A with civics as an elective subject. He applied for L.L.B and got admission in Punjab University. Now he is a famous lawyer and politician. Yes, I am talking about Mr. Ayyaaz Ahmad, The crime specialist lawyer of the supreme court.

The List of options other than MBBS

You can go into the following field if you missed your MBBS willingly or unwillingly. remember that all these fields have their own value where MBBS can do nothing.

1. B. Pharmacy

B. Pharm, Batchelor of Pharmacy, is a course that allows you to study a medical field related to drugs and their composition, medicines, pharmaceutical engineering, and medicinal chemistry. The course can be taken after passing your F.Sc with biology, the course is equivalent to B.Sc.

Scope: This field has a vary large scope. The students can go into medical companies, pharmaceutical industries as engineers, they can work in government jobs in hospitals, medical labs, drug inspectors etc.

2. DVM

DVM stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It is a very popular profession nowadays. It is equivalent to MBBS. The difference is you treat the human patients with MBBS and you treat the animal patients with DVM. Most of the Veterinary doctors are earning more than MBBS doctors because very few people actually do DVM as majority goes to MBBS. That is why the demand for veterinary specialists is always increasing day by day. Govt. has set up veterinary hospitals at the union council level and you can get a govt. job as soon as you pass your course.

The admission in this course is also base on MCAT. You have to pass MCAT and apply for admission. the popular institutions offering this course are:

  • UVAS
  • Islamia University of Bhawalpur
  • Gomal University
  • Khyber Institute of veterinary science
  • Bhauddin Zakria University
  • University of agriculture Peshwar
  • Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan
  • University of Agriculture Faisal Abad

3. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a course quiet related to physiology or physiologist specialist. You can choose this course and go into treating the patients with a physical disorder resulting from aging, illness, accidents, and disability. The physiotherapists are even fewer in our country and this field can give you a decent career. The people of all ages suffer from physical problems.

Scope: You can get a license and start your own physiotherapy clinic. You can get a physiotherapist job in any private or govt. hospital. You can also become a lecturer in any University or college. You can also join national sports teams as a physiotherapist.

4. D. Pharmacy

Purely you will become a pharmacist if you go into this course. The course is similar to B.Pharmacy and you can choose the same types of fields for a job. The course is about studying the composition of various drugs and their uses on the human body. It is a sub-branch of pharmacology. You can work in a hospital or a pharmaceutical industry as a pharmacist.

5. B.S Nursing

This is an equally important field for male and female students. professional nursing is an emerging discipline and carries the importance of not less than MBBS. Nursing science, leadership, research, and other related courses are taught in this field. Your formal qualification becomes equal to M.Sc. You can work in grade 16 as a nurse in a govt hospitals and private hospitals. You can work as a lecturer in nursing schools.

6. B.S Radiography

Diagnostics, tests, x-rays, imaging, ultrasound, etc has become part and parcel of medical fields. An MBBS doctor has to depend upon the diagnosis reports of radiographers. So, in many cases, this field is better than MBBS. You can work closely with Govt. and private hospitals and clinics. You can also do a govt job or a private job or you can run your own clinical laboratory.

7. Sanitary Inspector

Yes, this field has a wide range of and scope. In every building, institutions you must have some sanitary problems and that is why sanitary inspectors are needed in more and more quantity with the growing population. Sanitation is directly linked with health and a sanitary inspector tries to diagnose the sanitary grounds of health problems.

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The sanitary inspectors are working at all levels of the Govt administration from the union council to the district level. The govt institutions like colleges, municipal administrations, airports, parks, gardens, five-star hotels, etc all need a sanitary inspector.

8. B.S Hons in MMG

MMG stands for Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. It is an emerging branch of science which deals with the study of genes and biomolecules at the molecular level. YOu can become an assistant professor, microbiologist, geneticist, research associate, Laboratory technician, etc. There are many job opportunities in Govt labs, Govt Hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, agriculture fields, etc. As this discipline is difficult and a few people do this course, the employment rate is higher in the candidates of this field.

9. General Fields

  1. B.Sc biotechnology
  2. B.Sc in Operation Theatres
  3. Hematology
  4. B.S hons in Dental Technology
  5. B.S hons in Surgery technology
  6. BE in environmental engineering
  7. B.O.T ocupational therapy
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