Medical Courses after Matric in Pakistan

If you have done your Matric with Science, I have prepared a list of medical courses you can take after passing matric with science.

Mecal Diploma Courses for Maric students

The students usually want to do F.Sc pre-medical to go in for the medical field especially in MBBS. But not all students are selected in that course and not all the students do F.Sc. There are many reasons why students have to quit their education and come in practical life after they just pass their matriculation.

The Courses after Matric in Pakistan

There are some courses you can do after passing your matric with science in Pakistan. But here in this post, I have only given the list of medical courses you can do after matric with science in Pakistan.
Medical Courses After Matric
Now here is the list of the courses:

1. Do F.Sc Pre Medical

The 1st thing is to do your F.Sc pre-medical. It will increase your chances to go to higher and wider scope courses in Medical field. After F.Sc pre-medical, the students can be enrolled in MBBS which is the dread of every student. But there are some constraints. You have to do the following If you want to get admission in MBBS.

  • Pass you F.Sc pre-medical with more than 1000 marks
  • Pass MDCAT or MCAT tests and too with more than 80% marks
  • Apply up to 5 Institutes for MBBS so that your name may come in any merit list
  • Afford the heavy fees of MBBS course
So, in case you cannot do any of the above things, you cannot get admission in MBBS. But if you have good marks in F.Sc pre-medical, you can take other courses which are similar to MBBS. I have published a list of courses in you cannot get admission to MBBS.

Moreover, F.Sc pre-medical will open the doors to B.Sc, M.Sc and higher education with science, you have other various fields and jobs like teaching, Govt and private jobs through PPSC, NTS, FPSC and CSS etc. 

2. Dentistry

You can choose a course of dental hygiene or dental mechanic in any dental college in the country Dentistrymeans that you will become an ordinary dental cleaner or dental mechanic. But you cannot operate or do surgery of teeth. This course has a vast scope in the area where no dental surgeon is available. 

3. Diploma in Homeopathy

You can do a diploma in Homeopathy and medical sciences. You can become a homeopathic doctor. but you have to get good marks in matric. Homeopathy is a branch of the pharmaceutical industry that deals with making medicines from homegrown herbs and items.

4. Midwifery

This course is especially for girls who want to go into the medical care field. There are jobs in both govt and private hospitals and health centers. The job for midwives is also offered by community health centers and maternity hospitals.

5. Diploma in Nutrition

This is a common nutrition-based diploma, You can become a nutritionist in both human and animal field. You can get a certificate in Nutrition health. The course outlines the basic nutrition, principles and needs.

6. X-Ray Technician

This course gives the knowledge of taking X-Rays print from various angles. You are taught to operate X-Ray machines.

7. laboratory Assistant

In this course, you study how to handle various situations in the laboratory. Things like the introduction to various laboratory tools and instruments, use and maintenance of laboratory items, etc. This course has also a good scope. You can do a job in any medical laboratory whether private or Government. 

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