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So, you are looking for which subjects you will have to study if you take ICS course after your matriculation exams. If you are looking for a career related to IT, Computer science, Bussiness IT, or any discipline related to the computer, you can do ICS and BCS after them and maybe MCS. ICS your 1st step into the field of computer. You can later go into various fields for Computer Science Students.

ICS Books List

For many students who do not know which subject will be studied in ICS, the list of all subjects of ICS is given below. There are two groups from which you can choose one of your own choices.

Compulsory Subjects

Compulsory Subjects are the subjects which you have to study in your intermediate, no matter you do whether ICS, simple FA or FSc. These subjects include:
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Islamic Education

So, the above-said subjects are compulsory and the students of 1st year in any field have to study these subjects. So, in ICS, you will be studying all these three subjects too.

Elective Subjects

As three subjects are compulsory, You have to choose the other three subjects yourself. There are three groups and you can choose one of them.

Group 1

  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Group 2

  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics

Group 3

  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
So, now simply telling, in ICS, you have 5 subjects which you will study essentially. The one subjects are of your own choice; you can choose Physics or Statistics or Economics.

You will be studying a total of six (6) subjects each carrying 100 marks except Islamic education; it carries 50 marks. In that case, you will have 550 marks total in your 1st year of ICS. You can do some diploma courses after matric with science.

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  1. aoa
    sir now i can apply for improvemnt

  2. can i take admission in ics with computer phy and economics?

    1. Sorry dear. if You want admission in ICS You need to choose Comouter, physics, Mathematics Or Computer, Economics And Mathematics..Physics or Economics can't choose

    2. kiya chemistry b hoti ha ics mai? plz reply

  3. my likes physics and computer science and statics

  4. Are computer books same in ics and pre engenering?

  5. Can I take admission in ICS with physics, maths ,statistics

    1. No because ics stands for inter in computer science, in ics computer subject is must u can't skip it