Fields after matric with science and arts

Both science and arts students who have passed there matric can choose their subjects, fields and courses for further studies. I have given here the guidance for the students for what they should do after matric. In Pakistan, the education up to grade 10th is called matriculation or Matric. This is the education a student gets in a High school. In other words, it is Secondary School level education.

fields after matric with arts in Pakistan

Study Options after Matric

After matric, the students can either do a job quitting their education or study for a higher level. Some students go for diplomas.

Recently, I have published a list of diploma courses for matric students with both arts and science subjects. But in this post, we will talk about general overall options that a matric student has after passing his matriculation exams.

Options for Science Students

The students who have done their matric with science can read this portion of the post carefully. There are many fields you can choose when it comes to study the best subjects and take the courses that are beneficial for you.

The students can choose from the following options after they pass their matric with science subjects.

1. Do F.Sc with Biology

F.Sc with biology means F.Sc pre-medicine. This is two years higher secondary-level course in which students study Biology, Physics, and Chemistry along with other compulsory subjects for F.Sc. After F.Sc pre-medicine, the students usually join a medical course that is called MBBS.

MBBS is the favorite course of the students after F.Sc. The students actually take biology at the F.Sc level with the sole purpose of going for MBBS later. But it does not happen that every student is selected in MBBS. The main this is that they get many other options if they are not selected in MBBS.

The students have to pass an Entry Test called MCAT. This test are valid for admission to almost all the medical colleges and universities in the country. 

You have to prepare for your MCAT test with full planning and hard work. You must have passed this test to be eligible for the admission in MBBS course. 

You should read my post in which I have explained various options for F.Sc-pre-medicine students.

2. Do F.Sc with Mathematics

This is also called F.Sc pre-engineering. In this course, you study Mathematics, Physics and chemistry along with other compulsory subjects i.e. Urdu, English, Islamic Education and Pakistan Studies. After these courses, students go to Engineering colleges and universities for professional courses.

Engineering is a vast branch of technology. It has many fields. You can become a mechanical engineer, software engineer, hardware engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, computer engineering, Agriculture engineering and many more. 

You can see the list of all options for F.Sc Pre-Engineering students in a separate post.

3. Do ICS

ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Sciences. This is a computer-related field, The students who have an interest in computers and technology are ofter attracted to this field. 

This is two years higher secondary level program and the students who pass this program can go to various technology fields.

The students can choose many fields after ICS. Every discipline that has something to do with computer can accommodate computer science students. The students read various subjects in ICS along with compulsory subjects in Intermediate.

I have previously written a post in which I have deeply explained various fields for ICS students.

4. Diploma in Associate Engineering (DAE)

These courses are diploma level courses. Again, there are many courses at an associate engineering level. You can choose from an electrician, electronics, computer hardware, civil engineering, and many more. 

These are usually three-year diplomas and the degree is equivalent to F.Sc. It means you can do B.Sc after passing these diplomas.

Technical colleges offer these diploma courses. Lahore poly-technic and other ploy-technic institutes offer these diploma courses.

5. Other diploma courses

There are other diploma courses at matric level. The students passing matric with science can choose these short courses to get technical skills and find a job. These are of many types and in many fields. These are usually short courses spanning from 3 months to 2 years. 

You can see the list of all the diploma courses after matric with science. These courses are offered by all institutes under TEVTA and NAVTEC

6. Find a Job

Finding a job after matric is not an easy task. Moreover, the job on the matric level will not be a prestigious one. You can apply for jobs like cook, cleaner, office boy, security guard, Peon, baby sitter, packer, Gardner, sweeper, driver, loader, salesman, etc. In spite of the modesty of the job, you should possess the special skills for every job type.

If you cannot, in any case, study further nor you can take any diploma, you can find a job. But at least you should learn some skills. But there is another govt. and private jobs for Matric students you can apply to.

7. Do your own business

This point is also valid for art students. The best thing is to be your own boss. Do your own business. Doing your own business is the best of all other options. There are many reasons why you should start your own business instead of doing a job. 

Business is more flexible and can give you more output than what you can get from a matric based job.

You own business can give you the following benefits:

  • No hard and strict timetable
  • No leave requests
  • No worries by the boss
  • More hard work; more profit
  • More time; more profit
  • You can expand your business any time you want
  • You can become an entrepreneur
  • An ordinary business can deliver you more than any matric based job

Fields for Arts students

1. Do Simple FA with Arts Subjects

Intermediate with arts subjects is called an FA. In this course, students choose from a variety of arts subjects for class 11 private and Govt. students. The students who do simple FA or FA have various opportunities. Sometimes, it is good to do FA rather than doing F.Sc. So, The students who do simple FA can d B.A and M.A and even study till P.hd.

You should read my complete post on how simple FA is better than F.Sc for some students.

2. I.Com

Intermediate in Commerce, I.Com, is also a good course. This is a two years program and the students study specific I.Com subjects in class 11 and 12.

The total marks of I.Com part 1 are the same as are in F.A, ICS or F.Sc. Students study statistics, principles of economics, accounting, business mathematics, etc in two years. The best field for commerce students is banking. The students of science can also do I.Com.
  • Scope of I.Com in Pakistan
  • Fields and Options for I.Com students 

3. ICS

The students of arts subjects in matric can also do ICS with states and economics. The scope of ICS for arts students is the same as for Science students.

4. Diploma courses for arts students

There are many short diplomas for arts students too. You can see the list of diploma courses after matric with arts.

5. General options

There are many general options for arts students. They can also find a job, do their own business or learn some professional skills. But if you have to do labour like any uneducated person after doing matric, then you have just wasted your money and time on education. I would recommend you to study higher level or get a job or do your own business after matric.

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