Diploma courses after matric in Pakistan

Here is the list of all diploma courses the students after passing 10th class can take admission in. The various career fields for matric students have been given below. You can see the list of all topics and fields where a student can do their diploma. Both arts and science students can benefit from this post.

Diploma courses for Martic Students

Your 1st priority must be to get good marks in Matric. The best option is to do your matric with science so that there must be more and more options after your matric.

You need to focus on your marks at matriculation level as the career after matric mainly depends upon the marks in your matric exams. If you get low marks, you will have to repent during your whole life and it will greatly affect your career choice.

Your tip: How to get good marks in Matric in Pakistan

The next thing to do is just do your matric with science- wither with computer science or biology. Arts students have limited career fields after matriculation as compared with science students. The various diploma courses have been given below for both science and art students.

Please note these are only diploma courses, You can read my full post on various other options after matric in Pakistan.

Diploma Courses for Science students

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Medical technician
  3. Electrician
  4. Electronics
  5. Chemical technology
  6. Machinist
  7. Autoparts manufacturing
  8. Computer-Aided Designing (AutoCAD)
  9. Auto-mechanic
  10. Refrigerator and Air condition
  11. Petrochemical Technology
  12. Auto electrician
  13. Solar Energy technician
  14. Industrial Electrician
  15. Food preservation
  16. Leather manufacturing
  17. Diploma in Office Management (DOM)
  18. Graphic Designer
  19. Dress designing
  20. Elementary Food preservation
  21. Childcare
  22. Fitter
  23. Textile designing and printing
  24. Architecture technology
  25. Mobile repairing
  26. Automation
  27. Animation
  28. Movie making
  29. Production assistant
  30. Studio Technician
  31. Computer Hardware
  32. Skin care
  33. Leather technology
  34. Fiber technology
  35. Mobile app developing

Diplomas Courses for Arts students

Note: Science students can also do these diplomas.
  1. Sewing and tailoring
  2. Dress designing
  3. Haircutting
  4. Beautician
  5. Musician
  6. Shoemaking 
  7. Auto and Farm
  8. Baking
  9. Cooking 
  10. Glass and ceramics
  11. Watch repairing
  12. Spinning
  13. Woodwork
  14. tailoring
  15. waiter
  16. Catering services
  17. Interior designing
  18. event planning
  19. Turner
  20. Driving
  21. Shorthand and typing
  22. Handicrafts
  23. babysitting
  24. Building and constructions
  25. Welding
  26. Farming
  27. Plumber
  28. Draftsman
These courses are offered at the following institutions
  1. Govt. Technical Training Institutes (TTIs)
  2. Vocational Training Institutes (VTIs)
  3. Resources Centers in District Cities
  4. The private college that offers diplomas
  5. Private Techincal Colleges
  6. All institutions that offer professional services in those fields
Matric students can go to many fields after matric exams. You can see the following post that may be helpful for you:


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    I have done matric in science but i want apply student vissa for europe .....what field i choice ???

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