Commerce subjects in I Com Class 11

As I have already told you that diversity in Education starts after you do your martic. So, Matric is considered the basis for your higher education. During your intermediate, you decide your field and you choose specific subjects so that you may adopt a field that is relevant to your interests and plans.

I Com subjects and books list

As soon as you finish your matric exams, you are all set to plan whether you will go into medicine, engineering, computer science, the commerce of simple FA. You have to decide quickly. You have to choose the books you will be studying for the next two years. Here is a list of subjects you will choose from if you are going to choose the commerce field.

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Commerce subjects for class 11

I.Com refers to Intermediate in Commerce. It means you are going to study the basis for your commerce field. The students will have to study the following subjects in I.Com:

  1. Principles of accounting (100 marks)
  2. Principles of Economics (75 marks) 
  3. Principles of Commerce (75 marks)
  4. Business mathematics (50 marks)
  5. English (100 marks)
  6. Urdu (100 marks)
  7. Islamic Education (50 marks)

The last three subjects are also part of the syllabus of Simple FA, ICS and FSc. As you see the total marks of the course of 1st year are 550. The same is in part 2, You can see the subjects of part 2 of I.Com.

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Now it is important to mention that the students who study commerce subjects can go into various fields like they can do M.Com, B.Com, MBA, BBA, CA, and another course like this. The jobs are located in mostly banking sectors, govt finance institutions, accounts department, factories, industries etc. You can check my other post on the scope and value of I Com in Pakistan.

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