Class 11 English book 1 questions answers KPK and Federal Board

The new syllabus of Federal Board for HSSC 1, class 11 is similar as of KPK board. The federal board decided to take up the KPK board syllabus from 2018 and now the new syllabus is taught in the Federal board. Here are the questions and answers notes of Plays, Pros, and Poems from the English Book 1 of 1st year. This post has only solved questions and for all English notes, the link has been given in the post.

1st year English Book 1 Questions answers

Now see the notes below. As I have told you that these notes are for KPK and Federal Board. You can get PDF English Notes for Punjab Boards from my other website.

English Notes for class 11 Federal Board

Here are lesson wise questions answers:

Lesson 1 His First Flight

Lesson 2 First year at Harrow (open in new tab)

Lesson 3 September, the First Day of School

Lesson 4 It's country for me

Lesson 5 Our Environment

Lesson 6 Tears of Nature

Lesson 7 The Blanket

Lesson 8 The way it was and is

Lesson 9 The most beautiful Flower

Lesson 10 The Scholarship Jacket

Lesson 11 A Long walk home

Lesson 12 Be the best of whatever you are

Lesson 13 Fly Away

Lesson 14 The man who was a hospital

Lesson 15 When I am an Old lady

Lesson 16 Finding a job

Lesson 17 A stressful job

Lesson 18 Writing letters

Lesson 19 Making an appointment

Lesson 20 At the dental reception

Lesson 21 Dental checkup

Lesson 22 Dental hygiene

Lesson 23 Demon and Pythias

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