1st year English Notes FBISE and KPK Board

This post has the links to all available post on Study Pak regarding English notes for 1st year for FBISE and KPK Board. Federal Board has adopted the syllabus of KPK board for HSSC level. Now the syllabus of FBISE and KPK for HSSC is the same. So, these notes are equally fit for KPK board and Federal Board.

KPK and Federal Board English Notes

Here are complete notes of English for 1st year class 11. The new course and new syllabus for Federal Board have a long textbook of English containing 23 lessons. Your paper includes the questions answers from that book and some other grammar and compositions questions. The twenty marks for MCQs and 80 marks for the subjective paper. You can see the paper pattern of English for FBISE.

Now let me tell you why You should study these notes. I have searched for English Notes on the Internet. I found a website that offered it complete notes bu all were in PDF and you cannot even download them. It is really annoying to have some great notes and you cannot download them in PDF.

Also Download new reduced syllabus for HSSC 1 2020

So, I decided to make even better notes than those notes and make it available in PDF for free downloading. The notes are also in text form here on this website so that you can copy them and modify them as you want.

English Notes for class 11

Here are all English Notes for class 11. Please choose from the Notes below.

1. English Questions Answers Notes

2. Phrasal Verbs Notes PDF

3. Poems Comprehension Notes

4. Poems Paraphrase Notes

5. Poems Summaries

7. Letters Notes pdf

8. Paragraphs In English for 1st year

9. Dialogues Notes

10. Punctuation Notes

11. English Pairs of words notes for 1st year

12. Class 11 Urdu to English passages solved

13. Grammar MCQs Notes

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