FBISE Improvement Rules 2020

If a student gets poor marks in his/ her 12th class or HSSC exams, he may want to appear again in the exams for marks improvements. 

Getting a poor result creates frustration and inferiority complex in a student. But you can always retake the exams and improve your marks. 

So, here are the rules of FBISE regarding marks improvements. After reading these rules, you will be clear whether you are eligible for it or not. If you got the marks below 700, I would recommend applying for marks improvement.

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FBISE marks improvement rules

So now here are the rules which are already mentioned on FBISE website and their documentations.

Please note these rules are same for both matric and intermediate exams. for example the rules are same for 1st year and for the 9th class and the same for 2nd year and 10th class.

1. Eligibility

The students who have already cleared/passed 10th or 12th class grades whether in supplementary or in annual exams are eligible to apply for improvement of marks. 

The students who have failed in one or more subjects or as a whole in any part of Martic or inter exams cannot apply for marks improvement. 

In short, you must pass the level, SSC or HSSC, in order to be eligible for applying for marks improvement.

If you are from another board, you can only apply for marks improvement only to that board. The students who pass the matric and intermediate for FBISE are only eligible to apply for marks improvement to FBISE.

2. Opportunities

When a student apply for marks improvement, he must appear in the exams taken for marks improvement. If he misses it, he cannot apply again for marks improvement. Simply saying, you have only one opportunity to improve your marks.

You can apply for marks improvements for supplementary exams and in annual exams. You can take exams in supplementary and annual. But you can appear as marks improver only one time.

3. Which marks will be counted?

If you take marks improvement exams, and if you get higher marks in those exams then you got in your final exams, your higher marks will be counted. 

If you get lower marks in your improvement, the original previous marks will be counted. In simple words, from both your previous marks and the improvement exam marks, the higher marks will be counted.

Recently uploaded HSSC 1 smart syllabus and HSSC 2 smart syllabus 2020

4. The number of subjects you can improve

The new rules of marks improvement of FBISE say that you can improve as many subjects as you want. In newly revised rules, the limit of subjects has been lifted and the students are free to choose the number of subjects they want to improve.
The FBISE, in this regard, says,
After passing HSSC-II Examination (or SSC-II Examination), Candidate may appear for improvement of marks/grade in the course he/she studied within a period of one year as an ex-candidate in (a) any number of paper/subject(s) (b) all papers of part-I only ( c) all papers of part-ii only (d) all papers of part-I &II. The candidates appearing in any subject (both the papers) involving practical examination shall appear in the practical examination as well. However, candidate neither requires nor can appear in practical if he/she is appearing in a paper of a subject or any one part of the examination. There is only one chance for improvement of marks/grade.
It means you can choose the subjects of your choice from both part 1 and part 2. You can even choose all the subjects in both parts. 

General Rules

  1. A continuing student, say in class 10th or 12th, is not eligible until he passes 10th or 12th class.
  2. You will prepare for marks improvement from the same syllabus or course for which you have to take your previous exams. If the board has changed the course or syllabus of a book or many for which you are appearing in marks improvement, you will prepare the old syllabus which you prepared for your original exams.
  3. You don't need to take practice exams. Practical exams are not taken for marks improvement.
  4. You have to apply for marks improvement within one year after you pass your last level, 10th or 12th class.
Taking the exams for marks improvements is not a disgraced act as many of us see it. Attempting again to get better results is a wise act and with a little more hard work, you can add 100-200 marks to your marks. So, don't wait, apply for it.

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